Hrm 590 Week 5 Project Grade a

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Recruiting and Selecting of Human Resources Receptionist.
The Recruitment plan, Selection Method, Performance Evaluation and Literature Review

Keller School Of Management

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Table of Contents2
Recruitment Plan3-4
Selection Method5
Performance Evaluation6-10
Literature Review11-13

Recruitment plan:
A. Online Recruiting – Majority of applicants are utilizing online methods when seeking employment Tactics:
B. News Paper Recruiting- There is a good percentage of jobseekers that still use Newspapers as a method to keep informed. Strategy will allow for diversity in applicants (age) Tactics:
New York Post
Canarsie Courier
Daily News
c. Job Flyer- Job flyers instead of on-campus recruitment or job fairs will be used to attract college students and recent graduates. This will allow the recruiter to keep better track of the number of applicants. Tactics:

Flyers will be posted in Student study hall and common areas d. Company Website- Career pages on company websites are frequented by thousands each day. This will be the ideal location for a qualified applicant seeking position for a company they may already know about. Tactics:

List detailed job ad until position is filled.
Tracking/Timelines: All tactics will be utilized for 30 days. Ad may close early if enough qualified applicants are received. Daily records will be kept for all applicants contacted about the position. • Record of who was contacted, by whom, how and when

• Determination of what was the result
Which tacticWhat Tools/activityWho Planned Accomplished Results
(name)(date) (Date) (Effective or not?)

Job Ad
Human Resources Receptionist

Responsible for:

Types correspondence, reports, team documents, and other items as requested using Microsoft Word. •File and maintain personnel files
Perform all administrative functions for office staff of 10 •Assist staff and visitors with general questions.
Perform Payroll functions
Maintain and manage calendar
Check/file and deliver In coming U.S mail
Data entry
Typing 40 wpm
General office duties/ MS Office/Faxing/Filing/Coping
Send Completed Application to:
Camille Morris, Recruiter Acme Company
123 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 11234

Selection Method:
Multiple methods are oftentimes used in the selection process. This provides a combination of information to ensure a more thorough analysis. Job analysis methods including interviews, questionnaires, applications, drug and background checks will be used as the selection method for this recruitment. All selection methods will be:

based on job-related information (job analysis);

developed by people familiar with the job (job experts);

developed in advance of reviewing any applicants’ qualifications;

developed with written criteria for evaluating applicants' performance (suggested responses and rating scales);

applied consistently; and

documented well

A system for measuring each applicant's qualifications will be used. Suggested responses for each question will be developed. Suggested responses can be essential to reliability. For this to happen recruiters will have to consistently apply this method. A comparison will be done on each applicant’s responses to the suggested responses, not to other applicants’ responses. A passing score for each item will be used. Each answer will be ranked from 0-5. In order to get a top score, an applicant must mention at least four of five elements in the suggested response, including the two elements to we will consider as critical. To get an acceptable score, the applicant need only mention the two elements...
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