Management of Human Resources

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  • Published : November 4, 2008
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Management of Human Resources - Unit 6: Compensation - Homework

1. Did Len Fulkner handle the situation with Harry Boecker correctly? Why or why not? In my opinion I feel that Len Fulkner did handle the situation correctly with Harry Boecker, though perhaps more could have been done. Harry is a machinist and this involves working with dangerous equipment and by sending him home for the day, Len avoided any potential safety issues or risks to Harry or his fellow coworkers. One extra step that Len maybe should have taken was to document the incident and bring it to his supervisor’s attention immediately so that it could be addressed with Harry immediately the next day. Simply sending Harry home for the day and waiting for a week to pass before bringing it up with anyone sends the wrong message to Harry that perhaps the only repercussion to showing up to work under the influence will be just getting sent home. 2. Prepare an outline of a cost-benefit analysis that Jamie Trenton could use in presenting her EAP proposal to Skyline's president. In particular, what categories of benefits might be quantifiable? In her presentation Jamie could outline a cost-benefit analysis including the following: EAP programs have been shown to:

Promote positive employee-relations climates
Contribute to their employees’ well-being
Enhance an employee’s ability to be productive at work, at home, and in the community Examples of successful programs include: (though similar results should not be expected across all industries) •General Motors reports a 65 to 75 percent success rate with their EAP program •General Motors reports a $3 gain for every $1 spent on care •There is a significant drop in grievances by blue collar workers who receive EAP 3. If Trenton's proposal is accepted, what key steps would you recommend to her in implementing a new EAP at Skyline Machine Shop? In implementing a new EAP at Skyline, Trenton should consider the following: •Develop a...
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