Human Resource Management

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Case study - 3

Patil, RK Materials, is very angry, anxious and restless. He bumped into Mehta, RK Materials, threw the resignation letter on his table, screamed and walked out of the room swiftly. Patil has a reason for his sudden outburst. Details of the story will tell the reasons for Patil’s anger and why he put his resignation, only four months after he took up his job. In the year 2000 Patil quit his prestigious Mittal plant at Vishakhapatnam. As a manager Materials, Patil had various powers like he could even place an order of materials worth Rs.50 Lakhs. He required nobody’s prior consent. Patil Joined a pulp-making plant located at Kerala, as RK Materials. The plant is part of a multi-product and multi-plant conglomerate owned by a prestigious business house in India. The perks, reputation and designation of the conglomerate attracted Patil away from the public sector steel monolith. When he joined the eucalyptus pulp making company, little did Patil realize that he needed prior approval to place an order for materials worth Rs.25lakh. He thought that he had the authority to place an order for materials by himself worth half the amount of what he used to as at the Mega Steel maker. He placed the order, materials arrived, were received, accepted and used up in the plant. Trouble started when the bill for Rs.25 lakh came from the vendor. The accounts department withheld the payment for the reason that the bill was not endorsed by Mehta. Mehta refused to sign on the bill as his approval was not taken by Patil before placing the order. Patil felt very angry and cheated. A brief encounter with Mehta only made the situation worse. Patil was rudely told that he should have known company rules before venturing. He decided to Quit. Questions

1. Do you think the company has any orientation programme? If yes, discuss its effectiveness. Ans. No according to me the company hasn’t provided any orientation program. Because when one join a new company often have lots of questions about the structure of their new company, its culture, and its goals. A good orientation program can answer many of those questions and start off new employees working in the right direction. Orientation is a programs which can take place in-house or off-site, with audio-visual tools such as informational videos or slides, through role playing or simulations, or through simple discussion and question-and-answer time. However company structure an orientation program, it should make sure it occurs during a new employee's first week on the job. And a good orientation program should cover the following areas: •A welcome.

An overview of what the firm does as a whole.
A big-picture look at where the firm fits into its industry. •Corporate culture.
The company's history.
Expected work habits and policies
This shows that the company do not provide any orientation program .

2. If employees were properly selected, there should be no need for an orientation programme”. Comment on the statement.

Ans: I do not agree on the statement that if employees were properly selected there should be no need for an orientation programme this situation will not help employee how much good he is and also results in the poor results to the organisation because giving a proper orientation program can leads to: To Reduce Start-up-Costs

Proper orientation can help the employee get "up to speed" much more quickly, thereby reducing the costs associated with learning the job. 2. To Reduce Anxiety
Any employee, when put into a new, strange situation, will experience anxiety that can impede his or her ability to learn to do the job. Proper orientation helps to reduce anxiety that results from entering into an unknown situation, and helps provide guidelines for behaviour and conduct, so the employee doesn't have to experience the stress of guessing. 3. To Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee turnover increases as employees feel they are not...
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