What Are the Strength and Weakness of Classical School

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  • Published : December 3, 2011
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As Oliver Wendel Holmes quoted, “When we want to know what is going on today or want to make sure what will happen tomorrow, I will look back the past.” We can find out the process of development from this sphere to nowadays in a deep-going way by reviewing organizational behavior history which has gone through Classical School of Management, Behavioral School of Management and Human Relations School of Management. Organizations can be viewed as two or more people coordinate and combine in use of their knowledge as well as technique for the purpose of accomplishing common objectives that transform resources into goods and service which are needed by consumers. Organizational behavior refers to the systematic study that primarily access influence of individuals, groups and structure on interior organizational conducts in order that organizational effectiveness can be improved and perceived. The Classical School of Management was effectively the first coherent set of theoretical perspectives about organization and management covering Scientific Management, Administrative Management and structuralized Management. As we know, F W Taylor, Henri Faylor, and Max Weber are outstanding contributors of Classical School of management thought who made great contribution and laid a foundation for contemporary management. F W Taylor

Taylor is the founding father of Classical School of management thought, who advocates scientific management and attached importance to heighten effectiveness of workers through greatly improving workers’ productivity leading to maximized benefit of workers and employers caused due to scientific management. His works named “The Principles of Scientific Management” was published in the early 1900s. In the initial stage, Taylor was being affected by some moral principles; therefore, he had a profound respect for the following principles, Brought up scientific working methods for basic formative section of each staff’s job Scientifically selected,...
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