The Natal Mounted Rifles Building

Topics: Airport, Natal Mounted Rifles, Durban Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Keegan Abbott
Grade 10
History Heritage project.

a)A dictionary meaning for heritage is- (something that is passed down from preceding generations; a tradition). However there are many types of heritage, such as; Natural heritage, Cultural heritage, food heritage, etc. The kind of heritage we are researching is Cultural heritage, which is the preservation of various cultural characteristics, such as; food, music, art, books, monuments and buildings for the benefit of our future generations. For example; The Bergthiel museum in Westville has been continuously preserved for our generation and will be preserved for generations to come.

b)Heritage is very important to our country, as it defines our population as a whole. Without our unique South African heritage we would be the same as other cultures. It shapes each person in this country and is a key factor in the way the country operates. Heritage whether it is Natural, cultural, industrial, etc is very important in this country because it makes us different and unique from the rest of the world. It is probably the leading factor as to why we are the rainbow nation, without our heritage we could not be the country we are today for example we have constant reminders of what has happened, good and bad in our country, such as the apartheid museum, which helps us to move on and become the united nation that we are today.

c)The building that I chose is the Natal Mounted Rifles building on Masabalala Yengwa Avenue, formally known as NMR avenue which is opposite the stadiums in Durban. The building was constructed from 1933-1936. The building was commissioned as an airport in 1936 and was named the Stamford hill aerodrome and was Durban’s first airport, the original building remains unchanged. The aerodrome was Durban’s first airport and was used for 22 years until it was decommissioned as an airport...
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