Cross Sectional Management Plan

Topics: South Africa, Africa, HIV Pages: 5 (1550 words) Published: October 11, 2011
Cross Sectional Management Plan
Layla Gullick
LeTourneau University
MBAC 6163
Dr. Hammond

Cross Sectional Management Plan
Country selected: South Africa

Executive Summary

South Africa is a democratic state that is located on the southern tip of Africa and it’s bordered by two oceans. South Africa, often called the “rainbow country”, is a haven of people of different races co-existing together. The capital city is called Pretoria. With the highest population comprising of the black African natives, the other are races of European, Asian and Indian origin. The population density is 32.9 people km 2 .The country has eleven official languages that are recognized by the constitution. Even though the International image of South Africa had been tarnished by apartheid, which was fought at enthusiastically by anti-apartheid activists led by icon Nelson Mandela, it has risen to be the most developed country in African, the mediator of warring parties during conflicts and the first African state to successfully build a nuclear-weapon program. Infrastructure


South Africa is the technological giant in Africa. The country has the most developed nuclear technology in Africa and compared to other non-African states. The country has weapons of mass destruction comprising f chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. The country has made significant developments into scientific and technological developments in the world. Some of the most celebrated developments that threw the state in global limelight were the human-human heart transplantation and the development of a vaccine against Yellow Fever. The country has also made great developments toward astronomical exploration such as housing the largest optical telescope in the southern hemisphere. Unlike any other African state, the country designs and manufactures its military equipment and ships. Transportation: the largest transportation networks in South Africa are rail and air, but nevertheless, the roads are modern and world class (Victor, 2002). The ports are also highly developed and they offer a stopover to shipping liners and tankers from places such as Asia, Europe and America. The ports also provide traffic centers for the traffic voyaging across the various continents. The South African rail system which links the sub-Saharan area is remarkably the 14th extensive world wide and some portions of the rail are electrified. The airports and the airline system in South Africa is well developed with efficient more than twenty air traffic control towers , give assist in operational services to almost 150 authorized airports and almost 600 aircraft. Some of the major airports are: King Shaka airport, Tambo international Airport and Cape Town International Airport. The South African air transport is the largest air transport in the continent and it has got airline links to over twenty African cities. Communication: the state has an exceptional telecommunications network and an assortment of media services. The country enjoys the latest forms f communication such as wireless, line-fixed and satellite communications which accounts for 99%. Recently, the communication sector has advanced greatly with the country having four communication operators namely MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Virgin Mobile. The possession of electrical appliances such as television, computer and mobile phones has increased tremendously from according to a study carried out in 2007. The country passed the Electronic Communications Act in 2005 to scrub off policies that prevented the growth of various sectors and business. Internet usage in South Africa amounts to more than a quarter of the continent’s total with internet users totaling to more than twelve million. Foreign personnel in South Africa: the U.S assists South Africa in various ways such as in the form of financial aid or in military training. Many neighboring and foreign countries have...
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