Family Heritage

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Family Heritage

Interestingly, there is NO exact definition for family heritage. I think it is one’s identity according to their family tree. A family tree is a chart that traces the ancestors and descendants of a family throughout history and identifies the relationship of one family member to another. Family heritage differs from culture to culture, and country to country. In Africa, for example, symbolic gestures, masks, costumes, and body paintings are used as a form of communication, while Asian cultures are foreign to that form of art.

In China, different social classes have different fashion trends, with red or yellow being usually reserved for the emperor. Clothing in India greatly varies across different parts of the country. The sari is a popular choice for women, and it can be worn in almost 80 different ways! Moreover, arranged marriages are a tradition in both countries, and are still practiced today with the bride and groom’s parents usually planning the marriage. Evidently, arranged marriages are quite a success. India has a relatively low divorce rate of 1%, while China’s is about 1.4/1000 people. In the case of a divorce in a Chinese society, the divorce must be based on one of 7 reasons. One reason that caught my eye is “She is gossipy (口多言).” It grabbed my attention because it’s completely comical. Some may perceive gossiping to be inimical, but to consider it a legitimate reason for a divorce is ridiculous. Moving on to a lighter topic, both countries celebrate numerous festivals and holidays, such as China’s Lantern Festival, which marks the end of the lunar New Year and is characterized by beautiful lanterns, and the Navratri festival of India in which people venerate the Hindu deity Durga.

Saudi Arabia follows a more ascetic culture and protocol. It has centuries-old traditions and attitudes. Women must wear a hijab, and men are dressed in thawb for traditional events. Soccer is Saudi Arabia’s national sport, and many civilians...
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