Skilled Trades

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Skilled trades

* Common work place correspondence.
* Writing skills can affect the success of a business/the success of a person working a business. * It is important that you able to convey thoughts and to communicate to others. * Must be able to direct writing to a specific audience.

* Must be able to emphasize specific points in writing.
* Proof reading and proper revision of documents.
* Must know the difference between a memo and a business letter they have very different purposes. * Must be familiar with the application of workplace correspondent in each skilled trade. * Benefits of high quality service.

* Quality service is the keystone to repeat customer business. * Quality service is key to a successful business.
* Quality service is related to positive employee attitude. * Quality service is about the type of treatment given to the costumer. * Customer relations
* Good listening skills are imperative.
* Emphasize the importance of empathy (put yourself in their shoes.) * Know the difference between a want and a need.
* Understand the customers’ wants and needs.
* To do
* Research and define the terms “caveat emptor” and “caveat venditor”. What significance do these terms have in the skilled trades’ world? * Create a table that lists five poor and five acceptable personal behaviours that influence quality service. * Common courses

* Work place skills.
* Rational for the existence of labour unions in the work. * Historical impact that unions had on wages, rights and benefits. * Related the role of unions to ensuring a safe and hazardous free work site for the skilled tradesperson. * Emphasize the need for participation in and knowledge of respective trade unions * The various worker protection associations such as

* Workers and compensation
* Employment insurance
* Occupational health and safety
* The potential of entrepreneurial ventures.
* Self employment is a viable option to employment by companies. * Running your own business means:
* Controlling the time place and manner of performing your activities. * Using your own equipment and tools.
* Covering all operating costs.
* Making a profit or incurring a loss (rather then receiving a salary.) * Most self employed people belong to one of the following categories: * Professionals working as independent contractors (freelance) * Business owners

* Salesperson working on commissions
* Farmers and fishermen
* Advantages in self employment
* Independence control and freedom routine: companies or individuals you work for are your clients not your employers. As clients they can state what results are expected from you but cannot direct your work. You will want to satisfy your clients if you wish to receive more work favourable referrals or better rates. But you are your own boss - you decide when where and how to work to get the job done. * Disadvantages

* Less security. It will be your own responsibility to make sure you always have work to do. This means you may sometimes be without work and therefore income. * No free benefits. You will have to pay for your own sick leave and vacation, fund your own retirement plans, and buy dental, disability and life insurance. Self employment people are general not entitled to receive employment insurance benefits. * Paying your taxes. As a self employment person you are solely responsibility for doing all the all the paper work and paying your taxes on time. If you are an independent contractor you will pay estimated taxes quarterly to pay your Canada pension plan contributions and income tax. * Identifiable characteristics

* Self confidents
* Energetic
* Resourceful
* Able to make decisions
* Leader
* Determinations
* Ambitions
* Financial rewards: a business may become a very profitable. Companies are willing to pay more...
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