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1.0 Introduction

E-commerce includes all business related activities conducted by means of computer networks. Advancement in telecommunication and computer technologies has helped to boost the overall economic infrastructure globally. Many companies are incorporating E-commerce in their business to remain competitive in the existing market. E-commerce has been effective for every domain B2C (business to consumer), B2B (business to business), C2B (consumer to business) and C2C (consumer to consumer). There have been a multiple benefits to our clients, vendors, suppliers and all those associated with the organization. For developing nation like Nepal where e-commerce is still in nascent state can offer considerable opportunities as well as challenges. The current development in Internet Service Provider (ISP) with respect to Nepal has shown the sign for the need of e-commerce based business. Clearly the development of internet services by players in the tour & travel industry assists with this goal as e-tourism offers opportunities for speedy communication and global access with minimal expense. Buhalis, D. (2001). The ACE travel is a new institute which will be registered as a private limited company as per Companies Act 2006 (2063 B.S.) with single stakeholder of the company. The owner has been investing in different sector but know he is targeting to invest in Tours and Travel industry. ACE travel wants to incorporate e-commerce practice in their business. ACE travels want to adopt global practice and provide their services with all possible benefits to their stakeholders. ACE travel will incorporate both B2B and B2C transaction model in their e-commerce web portal. Travel agents are repositioning themselves as a consultant or trusted, independent advisor. Ching-biu Tse, A. (2003). ACE travels want to establish itself as a trusted organization for the travelers from different part of the world.

1.1 Company Profile:

Industry| Tours and Travel|
Name of the organization| ACE travel|
Location| Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal|
No. of employee| 60|
Contact Detail| E-mail:-| | Tele: - +977-01-4353530 Fax: - +977-01-4232345|
| Toll free no:- 4444-4444-4444|

The ACE Travel consists of four different departments under direct supervision of Managing Director. There are different responsibility assign to different department based on their core business functionality.

1.2. Figure: - Organizational chart ACE Travel
2.0 Core Business Function:

Business organization has different functions while operating their business. Business function varies from organization to organization based on their core business activities that they have to perform while operating their business smoothly. ACE travel is a Tour and Travel company whose core functions will be as per the requirement of Tour and Travel industry. There are different activities involved for the achievement of an organization goal. The segregation of those activities generates functionality. The core business functions that are involved in ACE travels are-

2.0. Figure: Core Business Function ACE Travels

Human Resource Management:

There will be recruitment and retention of the employees who are accountable for their performance and growth. The HR department will be responsible for hiring, assigning job & responsibility, Motivating employee, organization professional development activities & other related training, concern on health & safety working environment and dismissal to different employees within ACE Travel.

2.1.0 Figure: - HRM Responsibility at ACE Travel.

Administration and IT

Administration will be focusing on different task such as reporting to concern authorities, recording different business related activities and communicating with different internal as well...
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