Travel and Tourism

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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This assignment will include analyse of impacts that the technology has brought to the travel environment and retail operational practices. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the technology. The assignment will contain the information and examples of impacts as well as explanation how the impacts developed the retail environment. The technology has big impacts on the travel agencies. There are many positives and negatives that the technology has brought to the whole industry. The impact of technologies on travel agencies is so profound, that in fact it should be viewed as a key factor for their success. The internet has changed the retail environment completely. It has provided opportunities for the major travel suppliers to target customers direct, thereby decreased the traditional distribution channel through the travel agent. These days almost everyone has the access to the internet what may be good as well as bad. According to National statistics the Internet access in UK households has risen from 9% in 1998 to 43% by 2003. The travel agencies can book the holidays and components quicker and easier what helps the company as customers don’t have to wait long and are more satisfied. Travel agents can easily find the holiday that matches the customers’ expectations. As many people are working they don’t have time to go to the agency so booking online is good for them as they can access it any time from their computers and smart phones. The customers can go on the travel agents website where they can find lots of information on products and services that the company provides. Some of the organisations provide mobile apps that are even quicker to use. The people can download them and book flights or other components in a few minutes. Nowadays people instead of traditional tickets can use e-tickets on their smart phones. Travel agents don’t have to spend additional time on printing the tickets what cost them money as well. It is also easier to...
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