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Travel & Tourism 2011

Travel & Tourism 2011
Foreword Chapter 1: why Travel & Tourism? Chapter 2: A decade of Challenge and Change Chapter 3: 2011; A Mixed Picture Chapter 4: The Next Ten Years Chapter 5: Making it Happen

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Travel & Tourism is a truly global economic activity – one which takes place in destinations across the world, from leading capital cities and smaller towns and villages in rural and coastal areas, to some of the remotest points on the planet. It is one of the world’s largest industries, or economic sectors, contributing trillions of dollars annually to the global economy, creating jobs and wealth, generating exports, boosting taxes and stimulating capital investment. Nearly 260 million jobs worldwide are supported by Travel & Tourism – either directly in the industry or in related sectors. And these jobs are vital not only for the livelihoods of those employed, but also for their families and the wider communities in host destinations. Today there are few people who have neither contributed to the growth of Travel & Tourism through their own spending, nor felt the impacts of others’ expenditure. Over the past two decades, since the World Travel & Tourism (WTTC) was founded, substantial progress has been made in raising awareness of the importance of Travel & Tourism. But we still have a long way to go to get our message across clearly to all stakeholders. WTTC is the global business leaders’ forum for Travel & Tourism and our Members are the Chairs, Presidents and Chief Executives of the world’s foremost Travel & Tourism companies, representing all sectors of the industry – from air transport and accommodation to catering, entertainment and recreation – as well as related sectors. Our mission is to maximise the sustainable growth of Travel & Tourism and help ensure that the benefits are spread across countries and to all levels of the population. Despite a whole host of challenges over the past decade – from terrorist attacks and health scares to natural disasters – international Travel & Tourism demand has shown phenomenal growth. And, while we will no doubt continue to face numerous, and unexpected, challenges in the future, our forecasts – as well as those of economic and industry experts generally – point to a further surge in demand over the coming decade, with competition intensifying to capture a share of the fastgrowing emerging markets. This means that the focus of our attention and efforts must shift. We must leverage Travel & Tourism’s past accomplishments to build even greater awareness of the need to factor Travel & Tourism into all policy and decision-making in order to ensure that the growth is sustainable. When managed responsibly, Travel & Tourism can be a significant catalyst for the economic and social transformation of less resource-rich countries and communities. In many small island states, for example, tourism provides the only feasible alternative to basic agriculture as a source of income for local residents. And, in an increasingly globalised world, Travel & Tourism is fundamental to international relations, business and cross-cultural understanding. This first annual review of Travel & Tourism from WT TC contains some important messages. We look forward to your support in communicating them widely to stakeholders from government, industry, the media and the wider community.

David Scowsill President & CEO World Travel & Tourism Council

Travel & Tourism 2011



Why Travel & Tourism?
Travel & Tourism is one of the world’s leading industries, or economic sectors, representing a major source of GDP, employment, exports and taxes. In 2011, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) expects it to contribute almost US$6 trillion to the global economy, or 9% of global gross domestic product...
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