Marketing Management Report

Topics: Summer camp, Camping, Summer Pages: 19 (5936 words) Published: November 30, 2011



ASSIGNED: Monday, November 21, 2011 DUE: Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Assignment: As Bruce Nashman, owner and director of Camp Wahanowin, do whatever analysis you deem necessary and develop a comprehensive marketing plan for Camp Wahanowin.

1. All reports, including text and exhibits, must be completed individually. 2. Maximum report length: 8 pages, plus a maximum of 3 pages of exhibits. All pages in the report should be formatted with one-inch margins on all sides, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font. The report should be written in concise and complete sentences, and may include bullets and headings.  Page Penalty: Ten (10) marks (out of 100) per page will be deducted from the final report grade for any pages exceeding the stated page limit. If the report is not formatted according to the guidelines, instructors may choose to reformat the report and/or apply the appropriate deduction. 3. Reports should include a one-page executive summary, which will not be included in the stated page limit. This summary should also be formatted with one-inch margins on all sides, Times New Roman, 12 pt font. The executive summary may be single-spaced. This summary should appear at the beginning of the report and should include a complete statement of the major issue(s) in the case and a summary of major recommendations from the report. 4. All reports must be typewritten. Lecturers reserve the right to request an electronic copy of the report. The preferred software for all soft copies requested is MS Word. The student name, student number, instructor name and section number must be clearly indicated on the front of the report. The title page will not be included in the stated page limit. 5. BRESCIA AND KING’S STUDENTS: Students at Brescia University College and King’s University College: CONSULT YOUR INSTRUCTOR FOR REQUIRED SUBMISSION TIMES, LOCATION AND APPLICABLE PENALTIES. STUDENTS AT MAIN CAMPUS (SOMERVILLE HOUSE) AND HURON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE: The hard copy of the report must be deposited in the “Report Box” inside Room 2313, Somerville House by 5:00 p.m. EST, Wednesday, December 7. Any hard copy received after 5:00 p.m. EST will be penalized. Five per cent will be deducted from the final report mark for any hard copy received between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, December 7. Ten per cent of the final report mark will be deducted for any hard copy received after 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, December 7 and before 5:00 p.m., Thursday, December 8, 2011. Another ten marks will be deducted for each additional 24-hour period. 6. –Each student must submit one electronic copy of the report to by midnight, Wednesday, December 7, 2011. Any reports submitted after this time will be penalized. Please see submission instructions on WebCT. Both the hard copy and the copy must be submitted to receive a mark for the Marketing report. 7. Plagiarism is the submission of work that is in whole or in part someone else’s work, which you claim as your own. Students must write their marketing reports in their own words and use their own exhibits. Whenever students take an idea or a passage from another author, they must acknowledge their debt both by using quotation marks where appropriate and by using proper references such as footnotes or citations. Plagiarism is a major academic offence (see Scholastic Offence Policy in the Western Academic Calendar). Refer to the Business 1220E Course Outline for a definition of plagiarism and the course plagiarism policy. Students may not pay for consultation or advice in the preparation of the Marketing report. 8. This case contains all the information that the principals are willing or able to disclose. For the purposes of this report, DO NOT CONTACT ANY PERSONS RELATED TO THE...
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