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02 Executive Summary

03 Introduction to the organization

05 Business Portfolio

06 Marketing Function

16 Conclusion

16 Recommendation

16 Bibliography

Executive Summary:

National foods is prestigious organization, it was founded in 1970. Originally it was a plain spice company, but over time it adapted according to its environment and added wide variety/range to its product portfolio. The main market that they serve is women who cook & require recipe Masala but in other products they have different target market. This report consist of market research, marketing objectives/ strategies, R&D, content/media agency. It also includes advertisement campaigns that they were recently engaged in, the current position and performance of Nfoods products, the list of competitors that surrounds them and their competitive advantage.

Vision Statement

To be a Rs.50 billion food company by the year 2020 in the convenience food segment by launching products and services in the domestic and international markets that enhance lifestyle and create value for our customers through management excellence at all levels. History

National Foods began its journey in 1970 as a Spice company, with a revolutionary product that popularized the concept of having clean, healthy food. National foods’ initiatives were, to make food that is hygienic, reduce time spent in the kitchen by women, foster health and contribute towards personal attractiveness, so that people who use our products would be able to experience a more rewarding life-style. This was long before the phrase ‘Corporate Mission’ had even been invented. However, our  founder’s philosophy remains unchanged over time. Even if their language – and the notion of only women doing the housework – have become outdated, in this age of rapidly changing lifestyles, fuelled by the rampant development of technology; consumers are compelled to alter their eating habits. National Foods responds to this challenge of developing innovative food products based on convenience and quick preparation in line with modern lifestyles and yet retains traditional values through its diverse collection of food products. In a history that now crosses three decades, National Foods’ success has been influenced by the major events of the day – economic boom, depression, wars, changing consumer lifestyles and technological advancements. Even after three decades the company’s focal point still remains on customer’s needs through product development in line with the changing market trends.

* Brand Logo

At NFL, freshness is what keeps them going. They keep life updated with new recipes, new products, and now they have got themselves a Transformed Logo. As with everything they do, they took a careful look at what they had, kept the best of the past, and introduced elements that were exciting, appealing, and yet always true to their soul. They are still caring, optimistic, and reliable and now they are livelier than ever before! * Corporate Logo

For over 40 years, they have been known as the one brand women all over Pakistan count on, but just like people grow and change, they are growing too. And now it’s time for a change. Every year they are growing bigger, brighter, more global, and our NFL spirit of adventure – Which has been the energy behind every new and innovative product – is now the encouragement behind our new logo. The new Pakistani homemaker is feisty and vibrant and our new image is helping her feel just as they have generations of food lovers feel – completely at home. *


Marketing Functions:
Hierarchy of Marketing Department:

HOM look after budgeting & controlling and take main decisions where...
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