Introduction to Integrated Communication

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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1.1 The origins and the major emphases on the field of communication * Corporate communication
* Public relations
* Marketing and communications
* Organizational communication
Corporate communication
Corporate communication flourishes as a functional corporate activity and as a field of academic study. Corporate communication as a functional corporate activity is the process facilitating information and knowledge exchanges with the internal (employees and stakeholders) as key external (public, agencies, partners, government and media) groups and individuals that have a direct relationship with the enterprise. Corporate communication as a field academic study is the study of the interdependency between organizational performance on one side and corporate identity, communication orchestration and reputation on the other. It originated from business, as a field of study corporate communication is commonly as a subject and or a sub – topics within the courses of public relations, communication management and organizational communication. The companies identify the need to address the full scope of communication inside and outside the organization, and to do so with a clear management perspective. However this need gave birth to the development of corporate communication. (Whittaker 1996) from Barker R, Angelopulo, G. Integrated Organizational communication. 2006, says that corporate communication has been described as the interactive; technical information system of the corporation; human resource aspects of organizational capacity to produce an effect; the development and maintenance of the corporate image through design; the marketing of an organization’s products and image; strategic communication aiming to achieve objectives of the corporate strategy.

Public relations
Public relations arethe management function that establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its publics. It is a deliberate, planned and sustained process of communication between a business and its publics for the purpose of obtaining, maintaining or improving good strategic relations and mutual understanding between the organization and its various publics both internal and external. Public relations originated in the early 20th century as a practical means of creating favorable publicity and interests in a topic, product or event. It originated in communication studies. Journalism and publicity. Public relation was generated as part of persuasive communication that approaches the two way system. It is an organizational activity that exists as an outsourced function offered by consultants and specialists public relations vendors. As academic field public relations are studies at a whole wide range of academic institutions. Maintenance of strong link between academic study in the field and an individual’s recognition and accreditation. Marketing communication

Marketing communication is the communication of information that the company or the organization need to divulge to the public The origination of marketing communication has run together with marketing which can be considered as communication element that embedded in the market process. Traditionally has been viewed as a transactional with the marketing elements that contributes directly to this transaction receiving the attention. Marketing transactions consists of advertising, personal selling, publicity, public relations and sales promotion. The change of the marketing scenario during the last two decades has increased competition, and perception of marketing has altered. Marketing communication was originally regarded as the management of the marketing mix, but today it has been as far more fundamental process of building a brand relashionship through customer an the organization. Organizational communication

It is the diffusion of meaning of information throughout the organization and its environment, and a process...
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