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Sundance Cosmetics Company

Resource Proposal

Branch Location Zhengzhou Department Administration Name of Resource Proposal applicant Xie Ruijuan

Position Title Administration manager Telephone 155159899018 Email This proposal was requested by Company Director Date of Submission 01/06/2012 Acknowledgments

Mr Zhang Wenbo

IT Professional
Computer Supplies Company

Mr Wang Xiaoguang
Sales Manager
Digital Products Store

Mr Yang Qi
Technical Manager
Dinghongjia Digital Products Store

Miss Si Wenyu
Sales Manager
Shenzhen Enze Digital Products Co., Ltd

Miss Wang Xia
Sales Manger
Shenzhen Sihoo Furniture Co., Ltd

Table of Contents

Executive Summary4
2.Aims of this Proposal7
3.Resources you wish to apply for in this proposal8
4.How will the resources benefit the department?19
5.How will the resources benefit the organisation?20
6.Sources of information20
7.Body of Proposal21

Executive Summary

This resources proposal is for an agency of Sundance Cosmetics Company in Hennan Province. Due to the office was equipped years ago, most of the equipment and technology are out of date. This leads to the low productivity and influence competitive. Accordingly, I do this proposal to improve productivity and efficiency to remain competitive in the global market. I collected the information by interviewing and surfing the internet. I finally get some primary data and secondary data to help me to finish this proposal. Aiming at the complaint about the uncomfortable working environment from staff, I upgrade the ergonomic equipment. I researched the latest OH&S issuer and then selected the suitable ergonomic equipment. As for the hardware, the changing makes easier operating. All of the data are able to storage and under a high-level of security condition. To support each department have a high productive capacity, I updated the latest software and technical management software. With all these change, productivity, efficiency, data storage and security, staff skills and health will improve, the competitive will increase. In this final proposal, it will include the following parts. Firstly, I would introduce the present situation of agency, the methods I collected the primary and secondary data and the information as well as the investigation. Secondly, I will state the aims of this proposal and also include the limitations. Thirdly, I will show each of the resources I am applying for in the section. Then, I describe how the proposal benefits the department and the organization and how important resources are. Next, based on my research, I will provide a brief list of my sources of information. The body of proposal will describe the current situation with an example. Next, the budget part will outline the costs in each section. Then, the conclusions will explain the benefits of the proposal to help you understand the necessity of upgrade and the research is accurate. Besides, I plan a plan of upgrade emission. The emission will complete in tow weeks. Moreover, I placed some appendices which will support my proposal. Finally, there is the bibliography part.

1. Introduction

➢ The Present Situation
Due to the office was equipped years ago, most of the equipment and technology are out of date. More specifically, the ergonomic equipment has hot been updated for at least 10 years. The staff has been complaining about the poor ergonomic equipment for a long time. On the...
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