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1.Analyze the spreadsheet shown in Figure 5-15 and list all of the problems that occur when trying to track the assignment of sheet music using this spreadsheet. •The first 6 entries to the spreadsheet seem easy to track however they do not show which member is using which sheet of music •After the first 6 rows all the musical works are just listed and you cannot tell who is responsible for each sheet •One of the sheet music is duplicated

There are no keys to relate the members and the music
Information is listed in the wrong columns

2.The following two tables could be used to store the data in Figure 5-15 in a database: •Redraw the data in Figure 5-15 into this two-table format. Choir Member Table
Member IDLast NameFirst NameEmailPhonePart

Musical Work Table
Musical IDNameOfWorkComposerPartCopyNumberMember ID
1B-Minor MassJ.S BachSopranoCopy 71
2RequiemMozartSoprano Copy 172
39th Symphony ChorusBeethovenSopranoCopy 93
4B-Minor MassJ.S BachSopranoCopy 114
5RequiemJ.S BachSopranoCopy 195

Select primary keys for the ChiorMember and MusicalWork tables. i.The primary keys for the ChiorMember table should be Member ID and theprimary key for the MusicalWork should be Musical ID

The two tables are not integrated; they do not show who has checked out which music. Add foreign key columns to one of the tables to integrate the data. i.The...
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