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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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The information system that used in the organization of Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) is E-payment, online cinema booking, GSC mobile application, GSC HONG LEONG credit card and website member rewards.

E-payment is GSC’s electronic ticketing (or online payment) facility which enables customers to purchase GSC movie tickets from their desired location utilizing internet connection. Customer is a term used to address the patrons using the e-Payment service/facility.Transaction is referred to as the process of purchasing GSC movie ticket(s).

Online cinema booking using Flash:
Online Booking/ticketing using Flash is very user un-friendly in addition to being SLOW. In addition to that, the flow of booking for a ticket is also brain-dead. One has to select how many tickets to purchase before selection of seats. Only after which, selection of seats is available. When user decides that the seating arrangement is not to his liking, user has to click "BACK" all the way to the beginning and then restart all over again. Selecting the cinema/time/movie/time and going back to seat selection yet again.

GSC mobile applications:
GSC Mobile App brings you GSC movie listings with real-time show times and the option to select your seats and purchase movie tickets via your smartphone.

The convenience at your fingertips, directly from your smart phone through m2u or PayPal account for GSC cinemas with E-Payment facility, regardless of which telco company you subscribe to.GSC Mobile App now available in Android Market and on the App Store.

GSC HONG LEONG credit card:
Finally an Ultimate Movie Card has been designed to cater to the needs of movie-goers like yourself - the GSC-Hong Leong Credit Card. This is the first Credit Card that gives you up to 50% discount on movie tickets, concession purchases and F&B outlets in GSC. This means greater savings for regular movie-goers in the long term. This credit card can apply with Sign up for a GSC-Hong Leong Credit...
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