Global Communication Media

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  • Published : April 1, 2012
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The main concept of Global Communication Media is developing communication between all individuals of the same organization on the net. We can compare the Global Communication Media with the Telephonic Communication. Normally in Telephone Conference, there will be more than two users connected at a time and all the users will be able to hear what anyone of the users is conversing. So implementing the same concept on the Internet is nothing but Global Communication Media.

This project is used to Conduct conferences with their employees. So they can get online decisions from employees from the different branches of the company. The another advantage is that the company is having branches throughout the country. So this will help them to communicate business affairs of the company and live meetings and conferences between their directors. They can conduct board of directors meeting.It will give On-line solutions from the superiors to the employees.

Conferences will play a vital role for any of the nation wide company. Because if a company is having branches through out India, they need to conduct conferences between their employees and conduct meetings such as board of directors meeting among their directors, general managers and other such meetings.

Normally conferences will be conducted in some place owned by company or in some conference hall. The person, who has to participate in the conference, has to travel all the way to participate in the conference. So it will be very time consuming and expensive to travel, and it is risky also sometimes and also work for the company also gets delayed and also it has to provide all the facilities to its employees. Now a day’s you see so many strikes and other obstacles coming up and causing inconvenience in that case to participate in any important conference or to conduct any conference will be very tedious. All this may lead to loss of company...
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