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Topics: Need, Proposal, The Director Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: February 11, 2013
1. Since Rohit Sharma joined Consultancy Development Organization (CDO) as a full-time director in October 2007, he has always tried to increase the business opportunities. Sharma is a hard-working person and believes he can make CDO more successful with his visions. He was disappointed during his first week by the fact that many employees were absent because of a festival that was still five weeks away. A few months later when Sharma asked Naresh Chadha, director in charge of the National Conventional, how the progress was coming along, he was upset by his answer. Chadha let him know that he did not set any dates and that responses continue to come in until the last date. This is where Sharma could have managed the situation more effectively by letting Chadha know that a set date is mandatory so they can know beforehand how many speakers will be attending and the number of participants registered. The letters sent out to the members have to state by when they need to respond, therefore, increasing chances of a successful conference.

Sharma knew the International Consultancy Congress coming up was a great opportunity to interact with other consultancy organizations in other countries. Knowing that any foreign travel needed to be approved by the Ministry of Industrial Promotion, Sharma send his proposal two months in advanced only to be rejected. He wants to do so much but not being able to upsets him.

Sharma knows that the employees are not motivated, having government grants take care of salaries and expenses, they have no need to participate in activities because they will get paid the same either way. When he called a meeting to hear how staff felt about CDO he was let down once again. He believes so strongly in CDO he only wishes his officers and staff felt the same so they could demonstrate growth and potential.

The last straw for Sharma was on January 4, 2008 when he learned that Krish Industrial Consulting Limited (KICL) did not receive the...
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