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Topics: Citation, Bibliography, The Chicago Manual of Style Pages: 10 (1932 words) Published: January 20, 2013
APA STYLE BASICS (It’s not so bad!)
Melanee Vicedo vicedo@usc.edu 10/9/12

Today’s workshop • Introduce you to the overall format of APA papers. • Address common issues that students encounter. • Show you how to find and utilize resources to help you master APA formatting.



Basics • Use Times New Roman 12 pt. font. • Keep margins at standard settings – 1in. all sides • Double space everything in the paper


• Very top of the paper • On cover page: Running head: SHORTENED VERSION OF TITLE 1

• On each subsequent page: SHORTENED VERSION OF TITLE 2


Instructions – setting up headers
To set up the headers correctly, double-click on the header at the top of the page (before the text begins). A green tab should appear above the drop-down menus at the top of the page titled “Header and Footer Tools.” Select the box for “different first page.” You can now enter “Running head” on the cover page and leave it out on consecutive pages. Insert a page number by tabbing to the right edge, selecting “page number” under header and footer tools, “current location” and “plain number.” If your assignment says to begin numbering on the first page of text, select “page number” and then “format page numbers.” Under “Page numbering,” select “start at” and enter “0.” Page number one will now appear on the second page of your paper.


Cover Page
Title of Paper Your Name Affiliated University • Many professors prefer that you also include the class number, due date, and professor’s name. • Read the assignment instructions or ask the professor to see if these are required.



In-Text Citations
• Used to avoid plagiarism and give credit. • Should match the first two pieces of information for the same source on the reference list. • Usually the author and the date published,

• Helps locating the original information easier for the reader. • Use the author-date format: (Author, year). • If you were to cite this PowerPoint presentation, you would use: (Vicedo, 2012).


In-Text Citations - beginning of a sentence
Paraphrase - According to van der Meer and Wielers (2011), people are happy when they are employed.

Quote - According to van der Meer and Wielers (2011), “employment makes people happy” (Introduction section, para. 2).


In-Text Citations – end of a sentence
Paraphrase - Research into the topic shows that income level isn’t important to happiness, but relative income is (van der Meer & Wielers, 2011).

Quote: They also state that “…absolute income level hardly affects happiness. The relative income level is much more important” (van der Meer & Wielers, 2011, Introduction section, para. 3).


In-Text Citations – within a sentence
Paraphrase: Even when working in a low-paying job, the client was happier, which van der Meer and Wielers (2011) explain by stating that something in work inherently makes people happy.

Quote: Even when working in a low-paying job, the client was happier, which van der Meer and Wielers (2011) explain by stating that “work is intrinsically rewarding” (Introduction section, para. 3).


• Always include the author, year and page number as part of the citation. • Use p. for one page or pp. for range of pages. • Less than 40 words should be enclosed in quotation marks “xxx”: Patients practicing meditation had "less congestive heart failure, required less diuretic and antibiotic therapy, had fewer episodes of pneumonia, had fewer cardiac arrests, and were less frequently intubated and ventilated" (Byrd, 1988, p. 829).


Quotations – More than 40 words
• Indent as blocked quote without any quotation marks (5-7 space indent and double spaced). • Blocked quotes period is before (p. #) • Example: Jones's (1998) study found the following: Students often had difficulty using APA style, especially when it was their first time citing sources. This difficulty could be attributed to the fact...
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