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  • Published : September 22, 2012
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Individual Work
For this individual assignment, you will use Microsoft Word to construct and format a research paper per APA documentation style protocols which will be divided into 3 parts including the following: Research Paper Part 1: During part 1, you will collect your initial research and professionally present these sources of research in an APA formatted reference page as an individual assignment. Research Paper Part 2: During part 2, you will draft content in your own words from these sources of research including APA formatted in-text citations in a discussion forum. Research Paper Part 3: During part 3, you will use Microsoft Word to prepare a final draft of your research paper as an individual assignment. * Your individual Work assignment for this week is to create a reference list of sources you will use to complete future parts of your research paper. To prepare for this individual work assignment, you should begin early in the week with the following: 1. Read and practice through Word Chapter 2 (pages WD 65-125) 2. Use the supplement training resources at Microsoft Office 3. Review the APA Style link under course home

4. Use skills gained from these resources above to complete the assignment below using Microsoft Word. Based on the knowledge you expect to gain from the class using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, think about how these skills are going to support your efforts with any other class, your present or future career, or your own personal life. For these reasons, go out over the internet and research and find at least three (3) resources which will show how these Microsoft Office applications are used to support various work environments including any future work environments you hope to be part of in the future. Once your research sources are collected, use Microsoft Word to prepare your APA reference page following the general expectations below: * A first level heading “References” should be placed at the top of the page...
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