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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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* When preparing and setting up your paper APA format, what are the required margin, fonts, and spacing? The requirements you need to use for your APA paper is double-spacing on every line. Paper size should be 8.5” x 11” it should be 1” margin on all sides, clear font should be 12 pt. and in Times News Roman. * Please describe the following components of a research paper in APA format and how you would use Microsoft Work to create them. * Title Page

* Paragraph Formatting
* Citations
* Reference Page
* Abstract (Please note that longer APA research paper must include an abstract. However for this course one is not necessary?

The title page contains the title of the paper, author name, and school name. The title page is the first thing that they see so make sure it’s neat.

Paragraph Formatting You can use the tab key it can be set five to seven spaces or ½ inches. 1) You can click the Home Tab.
2) Select center Alignment.
3) Type full titles, then hit enter once to double space. 4) Click home tab again.
5) This time you are going to select the left alignment.
6) Then hit the tab button once to indent your paragraph. 7) Next you going to hit enter once to start a new paragraph and hit tab once to Indent. A citation is a section that is used to credit history of the main writer in data. How to do this

1) Locate references tab.
2) Then make sure the style is set at APA.
3) Select insert citations.
4) Then click “Add New Source”.
5) For Reference page citing click “Type of Source” selects the right type of source that you will be citing. 6) Then fill in the fields on the pop up screen.
7) Click ok.

* When writing a research paper, you should never include Wikipedia as a resource, why is Wikipedia not consideration a credible source? Wikipedia will not be a credible because the information on this site changes all the time and will be wrong at some point.

* What are the ethical...
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