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  • Importance of Morphology

    with but just the study of words that is essential to form sentences. I never seek to know more about it nor try to dig deeper on its terminologies. The value of morphology struck me when I decided to make an effort on reading some of the researches by the morphologist. The experience was a sort of realization that encouraged me not just study morphology but to read as much as possible. In studying morphology‚ one would say that a morpheme is the smallest unit of word and is combined together

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  • Introduction to Evernote

    mac Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets Notes and notebooks can be synced across all of these devices A simple visual analogy about notes: evernote would be your city and within the city are homes. These homes would be your notes. A word about notes: Each note can store up to 25mb of data – you can have up to 100‚000 notes You can have up to 250 synchronized notebooks. There is no limit to how many notebooks you can have on your local computer (these are unsynchronized notebooks)

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  • The Tudors and Alice

    who is plump bald (adj): a person with no hair. A person can have a shaved head if s/he is bald or if s/he has hair but chooses to shave it off extroverted (adj): a confident person who enjoys being with other people Episode 2: Compound Words

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  • Figurative Language Versus Literal Language

    different meaning. Again if I were to eat something nasty‚ using figurative language I would say “this soup taste like dirty socks”. This paper is going to discuss the different types of literal and figurative languages. Idiom An idiom is a word or phrase which means something different from what it says - it is usually a metaphor. It is a common phrase that people may use in certain situations but not all the time. For example: if a woman is fed up with her boyfriend’s behavior‚ she may

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  • Miss

    different one. Level 3 – Describe your role‚ responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher/trainer/tutor in terms of the teaching/training cycle. Recommended word count 300-500 words. Level 4 – Review your role‚ responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher/trainer/tutor in terms of the teaching/training cycle. Recommended word count 500-700 words. So‚ to kick off‚ some good basics on the staples of the course. It’s part of section 1‚ specifically about understanding your own role‚ responsibilities

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  • What Is The Writing Process

    phase of the writing process entails the actual composing of the text. During this phase‚ writers use prewriting activities to generate a piece of writing in rough form. The goal is translate ideas into a written organization without being constrained by word choice‚ sentence structure‚ conventions‚ and presentation. Informal conferences with teachers or peers can occur during this phase to provide focused feedback to the writer. What is revising? During the revision phase of the writing process‚ writers

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  • SCORRE method

    Youth‚ pages 41‚ 42‚ 44) Subject - helps bring focus to what you are going to speak about - determine the subject of the talk‚ making sure it fits needs of audience - know the subject matter / research - broadly express subject in one or two words Central Theme - helps establish purpose and focus of talk and what you want to accomplish - take broad topic and narrow it down to a specific aspect about that topic - narrow subject down – choose single aspect of subject and briefly‚ simply

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  • Analysis of Bluebird

    emotional and fragile personality symbolized through the image of a Bluebird hidden inside the speakers mind. The composition of the poem is very loose with only two stanzas and a lot of verse lines‚ some of which only consists of one word. The verse lines with only one word suggest that the reader also has to interpret the way the poem is read; not only the message and theme. Bluebird also has an unusual graphical look that confine‚ just like Bukowski’s poetry‚ the composition of a normal and tighter

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  • Sei 500 - Individual Lesson Plan

    will be able to list the stages of the butterfly life cycle in order. Language Objectives: The second grade students will also meet two language objectives by the end of this lesson. Students will identify the Greek roots of certain vocabulary words. Students will also define

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  • The Rattler Essay

    Literary Terms to Know Literary Term | Words that mean the same or can be used in conjunction with the term. | Style Analysis | Author’s use of styleAuthor’s use of languageAuthor’s use of rhetorical strategies | Tone | Mood‚ Attitude | Diction | Word Choice‚ Language‚ Figurative Language‚Figures of Speech | Detail | Imagery | Point of View | Narrator‚ Perspective | Organization | Narrative Structure: chronological order‚ cause and effect‚ order of importance‚ flash-forward‚

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