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difference that one can find between the American and the Italian wine label systems are that American wines are named according to the type or types or grapes that they used while Italian, as most of European wines, are named according to the region that they come from. Another important difference is that Italian wineries are required to show on their label the vintage year (year when the grapes were harvested) while American wines are not required to do it. Italian Laws only permit the mention...

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Wine Making

Wine-making is essentially a chemical process. It involves a chemical reaction in which sugars are turned to alcohol and carbon dioxide in the presence of yeast. There are also many other chemical processes going on which affect the strength, appearance, colour and taste of the wine. Grape Ingredients Wine is made from grapes. In addition to water, grapes contain two different sugars: glucose and fructose, tartaric acid, malic acid, amino acids and a few other chemicals. The chemical processes of...

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Wine Pairing

Wine Pairings When considering a wine and food pairing, it is best to pick a wine that balances the natural flavors of the food. Spicy, flavorful food should be paired with a spicy, flavorful wine. On the other hand, a mild, neutral dish should be paired with a mild, neutral wine. Most beef dishes would be considered a fatty, flavorful dish, so they pair well with charismatic red wines like big Cabs and Zinfandels. Rich, creamy pasta sauce would be better suited to match with a rich Chardonnay...

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Wine Speech

adults consume wine or a alcololic beverge. Wine makes daily living easier, les hurried, wiht fewer tensions and more to tolerence."Benjamin Franklin I am a wine lover nad i drink wine in all the important moments in my life". credibility statement: Every time i went to a resaurnat i wished i knew where and how wine came to be, but the truth was that i ignored it and after i left the resturant i did not care. I knew it is very helpfull to know wine better. Thesis statement: wine education is...

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Wine War

Wine War 1. How did the French become the dominant competitors in the increasingly global wine industry for centuries? What sources of competitive advantage were they able to develop to support their exports? Where were they vulnerable? The French were the dominant competitors in an increasing global market because they stuck to their guns per say. They believed in an old fashioned wine that was make like many of their ancestors had made years prior. Many consumers preferred the taste and...

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Strait Wine Company

The Straits Wine Company 2289 UPRC 3, Don Chino Roces Ave., Ext. Makati City Founded and run by wine lovers, The Straits Wine Company began its journey across South East Asia in Singapore in 2006 with the creation of Singapore Straits Wine Company through its retail arm The Denise Wine Shop. Late in 2007, the company expanded into Malaysia, opening an import and distribution outlet under the name The Straits Wine Company. Now in 2009 the journey continues in the Philippines. Sent by Singapore Straits...

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Persuasive Essay On Wine Cellars

For wine lovers, wine cellars in Houston, TX aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity. Wine drinking and collecting as an avocation can be addictive and can offer you no end of satisfaction as you immerse yourself in the history and art of winemaking, discover new vintages and share the wine you love with friends and family. Having your own wine cellar in your home is a natural extension of your love affair with wine; but before you make the commitment to set aside even a small part of your home for...

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Fruit Wine Making

Fruit Wine Making   Choice of fruit varieties. Grape is not the only fruit which we can make good-quality wine. Natives fruits such as cashew (kasoy), duhat, pineapple, guava, banana and bignay can be also processed into good wine. Other less familiar, yet excellent sources of wine are lipote, balubat and katuria. The lipote resembles the duhat, except for its round shape and black skin. Its white flesh become sweet when ripe and it also known as duhat matsing. Another native fruit, the balubat...

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Wine Industry Introduction

made French firms dominate the wine industry in the past. In the mid-1600s, a Bordeaux producer applied new techniques that led to a new age of large-scale fine wine. The development of fine wine was enhanced by the introduction of glass wine bottles sealed with cork. These innovations not only helped wine last longer but also made it age better. After the First World War, overproduction and fraud prompted French government took steps to protect and strengthen the wine industry. By 1935, the AOC system...

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Business Ethics; Wine

to production and distribution of wine, we will now focus on the ethical issues relating to the consumption of wine. The consumption of wine in U.S. has been on the rise since last fifteen years. The U.S. ranks 34th in wine consuming nations with wine consumption of 7.69 liters per capita per annum. The consumption of wine in 1994 was 404 million gallons which increased to 658 million gallons in the year 2008. These figures show the growing popularity of wine in U.S. Consumption grew 2.5% per annum...

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