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satisfaction. First, Dutch Lady should add more flavors to their product. Based on research that we have done, we can see that there are several types of flavor that Dutch Lady have to add. As a result more of the respondent would prefer to mix fruit flavors than banana, guava, mango and others flavors. In fact when Dutch Lady follow what the customers wants there are more people buy the product. Therefore, Dutch Lady should add more flavor to their product to satisfy customer wants. Dutch Lady...

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Spice and Flavor Industry: Purpose to Production

common foods; from tasting a few minute grains on entrées to feeling a discharge of natural and artificial flavors from exquisite candies, and from scavenging the world for priceless spices to inspecting every ingredient for harmful side-affects. The first speculated accounts of adding flavorings or spices to food go back over fifty thousand years, when primitive humans used aromatic leaves to flavor food (Add Spice). They wanted to cook meat in a hot pit, so they wrapped it in leaves to protect it from...

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Why Insist on Asian Flavor?

the West, our lifestyle, infrastructure, culture, etc. Some would also thought of blaming the West like the Spaniards for colonizing us and making ourselves look fool in our own mother land. One of the most significant parts in the paper was the Flavors Beyond Asia. It would really inspire the readers that we should be aware of the Greek’s Asia vs. Europe Dichotomy, not to believe the dichotomy but to be aware of the things why it would never disappear. Though, it was a negative perspective that...

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Flavor and Statistical Inference Course

15+0.18 = 1.14 sigma x^2p = (0^2*0.55)+(1^2*0.15)+(2^2*0.10)+(3^2*0.… = 0.00+0.15+0.40+0.90+0.64+0.75+1.08 = 3.92 Var(X) = 3.92 - 1.14^2 = 3.92 - 1.2996 = 2.6204 4. An ice cream vendor sells three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Forty five percent of the sales are chocolate, while 30% are strawberry, with the rest vanilla flavored. Sales are by the cone or the cup. The percentages of cones sales for chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla,...

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Rice Cake Production

successful in the survival rate of whole rice cakes and in taste. Some manufacturers have also eliminated mini rice cakes from their product line. The novelty of the smaller cakes was more costly to produce than sales warranted. A constant stream of new flavor possibilities and other options are under consideration, but only careful assurance of a contented public and minimal production difficulties justifies a new product line. The Manufacturing Process 1. The simple process of making rice cakes is...

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You Want Fries with That?

McDonald's fries is a long, adventurous tale that remains untold.  With a history dating back to when humans first realized the importance of spice trading, the artificial flavor industry has gradually become a growing industry whose members consider their trade an art form. I’m not ashamed to admit that Eric Schlosser introduced me to the flavor industry. He not only explains why McDonalds fries are so good, but he also exposed McDonald’s and other fast food businesses roles in the restaurant business. He...

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The Secret of Tasty Fries

explains how the cooking oil, flavors, aromas, color and mouthfeel of the fries can largely impact the taste of the fries. He also points out that the techniques used for manufacturing process food might destroy the flavor of the foods. Therefore, processing companies need to add the specific artificial flavors from flavor companies to maintain the taste of the food. Schlosser pays a visit to a flavor manufacturing factory and he describes how the artificial flavors can be made. A wide range of products...

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Taco Bell Beef Research

uniform in quality and normally leaner than the higher grades. It is fairly tender, but, because it has less marbling, it may lack some of the juiciness and flavor of the higher grades. Only the tender cuts (loin, rib, sirloin) should be cooked with dry heat. Other cuts should be marinated before cooking or braised to obtain maximum tenderness and flavor. Standard and Commercial grades – are frequently sold as ungraded or as “store brand” meat. Utility, Cutter, and Canner grades are seldom, if ever, sold...

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Crazy Mini-Donuts Case Study

Hot Mini-Doughnuts is always been a popular food item at malls, fairs and many other outdoor seasonal events. Usual doughnuts has it’s filling inside but we came up into the idea of innovating usual doughnuts into modern version by it’s different flavors like cappuccino, cookies and cream, double Dutch, rocky road, etc. Another edge of Crazy Mini-Donut is that we include the idea of making various options for the consumers such as having a dip and different shapes of the doughnuts. Dips are flavored...

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sales promotion of kurkure

differentiated it from their competitor itsunique advertisements which features the bubbly Juhi Chawla. Innovative flavor, affordable price and continuous communication to consumers Kurkure’s success in the Indian market is mainlyfor three reasons namely innovative flavor, affordable price and continuous communication toconsumer. To meet the regional requirements Kurkure is launched in various flavors like Masala,chilli, green chutney etc. Special (Limited) Edition Pujo Special:Jhajhalo Hit - Released in...

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