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Chemical Senses OLFACTION The sense of smell. Begins with the detection of molecules suspended in the air Olfactory stimuli Must be soluble in fat Taken through the nostrils and circulated within the nasal cavities connected to the nostrils. Olfactory epithelium Thin sheet of cells which contain neural receptors for olfaction Contains olfactory receptor cells and glia-type support cells that produce mucus Also contains basal cells which give rise to new receptors when needed Olfactory...

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WK 5 Chemical Senses

(Godlstein, 2015). As mentioned earlier, the sense of smell is one of our first response to stimuli and protector. Just like the sense of smell, the sense of taste also plays a vital part in keeping one safe. According to Goldstein (2015), “Taste and olfaction can be thought of as “gate keepers” (p. 364). The reason for this is because one’s sense of taste assist on determining what should be consumed as well as avoided. This is done so through the connection between taste quality and a substance’s effect...

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•Difficult to track volatile stimuli upon reaching brain Figure 3.0: Phylogenetic Tree displaying the independent evolution of the TRPC2 gene in marine mammals due to relaxed selective pressures The Primate Story: The Marine Story: •Pheromone olfaction in marine mammals is complex: •Study more VNS specific genes/TRPC2 gene •Study wider range of marine mammals from different lineages The Primate Story: •Future studies for the possibility of a VNO in humans •Small pit retained in nasal septum but...

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History of Spice Notes

peach/potato aphid Mutability, novelty, favored by royalty, bubonic plague era, scarcity/ demand 1635 shift, traded in future promissory notes “Greater Fool Theory” (1637 crash) Smell 1 0f 50 human genes in the human genome are devoted to smell Olfaction: sense of smell, chemical molecules Olfactory tract transmits signals to limbic system To smell must have Volatile: must easily evaporate Water soluble Lipid soluble Essential oils is what makes plants smell (2nd ary plant metabolite) Isolation...

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Perceptual Abilities in Babies

research regarding the perception of taste has demonstrated that infants can distinguish sweet, sour and bitter tastes, but not salt (Beauchamp, Cowart & Schmidt, 1991). Although responses to taste and olfaction do show some change as the infant grows into childhood, it could be argued that taste and olfaction are the most highly developed of all senses at birth. The elements of perception have been discussed separately, however, in the real world, these senses often occur together to form one combined...

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Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Patrick Süskind’s Depiction of Evil Unveils Human Depravity in Perfume and “Rashomon”

reveal the ugly facets of humanity. He underlines this relation through Father Terrier’s description of how human odour is ‘always a fleshly … sinful odour’ (p. 16), correlating evil and odours together to satirise the conventional assumption of the olfaction being the basest of sense. He proves the belief wrong by demonstrating the olfaction’s capability of revealing human depravity, successfully creating a putrid realm as stench ‘reigned in the cities’ (p. 3); giving the reader insight of how these...

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vaginal secretion of the female hamster through their vemeronasal organ (a patch of receptor tissue in the nasal cavity distinct from the olfactory organ). The receptors are G. Protein-coupled transmembrane proteins similar to those that mediate olfaction but encoded by different genes. 2.1 IDENTIFICATION OF PHEROMONES How are Pheromones identified? The chemical method used to identify pheromones depends on the properties of the compound involved. The stages in the identification of pheromones...

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Case Study 16

scenario for all firefighters on the scene, especially for the impaired individual. 10.Semicircular canals and vestibular structures could be damaged. 11.The pressure wave from the explosion could have broken off the hairs of the hair cells. 12.Once olfaction is unblocked, gustation should return. This also depends on the severity of damage to the sensory neurons of smell and taste. If the stem cells for smell have not been damaged these cells can regenerate; however, without them there wouldn’t be regeneration...

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Receptors – determine if receptors for taste are distributed evenly over the tongue or are located in specialized areas – use q-tip to put the five primary tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami) on partners tongue Transmission of Sense of Olfaction to Brain – olfactory cells – olfactory nerve – olfactory bulb Olfactory Reflex – put ammonia under partners nose and see if there is visible posterior movement of head Visual Cues in Smell Interpretation – determine whether the color of a substance...

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Life10e Ch46 2 Lecture Notes Sensory Systems

Sensory Systems 46.2 How Do Sensory Systems Detect Chemical Stimuli? Chemoreceptors: receptor proteins that bind to specific molecules, their ligands; responsible for taste and smell. Also monitor internal environment, such as CO2 levels in blood. Olfaction is the sense of smell. Olfactory sensors are embedded in epithelial tissue at top of nasal cavity (in vertebrates). Axons extend to the olfactory bulb in the brain, dendrites end in olfactory hairs on the nasal epithelium. FIGURE 46.3 Olfactory...

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