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Country I have always wanted to visit Spain because this is one of the countries that in Europe where there are friendly inhabitants, a relaxed lifestyle, its cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and world-famous folklore and festivities. There is nothing better than visiting the country where “Running of the Bulls” began. Being able to visit Spain and learn how things can be the same but completely different from my home country, the United States.  LOCATION Spain is one of the most diverse countries...

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SPAIN Gonzalo Figueroa Schiller International University Abstract Spain is member state of the European Union. With an area of 505,992 km2 is the fifth largest country in Europe. It has a population of 46 million and the official language is the Spanish. Talking economically, is the fourth largest country in the Eurozone, the fifth in the European Union and the fourteenth largest worldwide. GOVERNMENT Spain is a...

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6 17 September, 2013 Spain Did you know that Spain has the lowest age of consent for sexual activity? Spain is the third largest country in Europe. Spain was not originally just called Spain; it was called Kingdom of Spain. Spain originated in 16th century. The kingdom of Spain has a long history and the culture developed with the world over time. The Hispanic race also keeps family customs throughout the family, and passes down to future generation. In Spain people are allowed to have...

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Unification of Spain

Unification of Spain: the Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly | Alexis Wilson | The Europeans wanted to expand their minds and their wealth with what the “unknown” world had to “offer”. When I say offer, I mean what they could take and run with without consequence. The Europeans wanted to “expose” and “enlighten” the new world people with their religion. When I say “expose” and “enlighten”, I mean force the new world people to convert to Christianity or they would be slowly tortured...

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New Spain

Colonies of New Spain In the decades after 1519, the Spaniards created the distinctive colonial society of New Spain. Through this paper I will discuss the features of this new society, how it benefitted the Spanish, and its toll on the native populations using evidence and facts found in out textbook, The American Promise: A Concise History and an article from the Economist Newspaper titled, Americas:1519: The Conquest. It started in the sixteenth century when the New World helped Spain become the most...

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live in spain

 Living in Spain Living in Spain. There are many reasons for living in Spain. If you're thinking of coming here, here are a few we can think of. Climate: The Spanish Mediterranean has the best climate in Europe. In coastal provinces like Alicante, Castellón, Valencia, Baleares, Almería, Murcia... people enjoy the sun, the sea and quiet beaches all year round. Many foreign residents actually prefer their Spanish homes in the low season months, when tourists disappear, and the climate is still...

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Diversity in Spain

Abstract In this paper I focus on the different types of ethnic groups and diversity in Spain. I will explain the difficulties of each group and how each of them suffer. The participation rates, earnings, and employment differences among the group are also mentioned. Diversity in Spain Spain has a population of 39.5 million and is ethnically heterogeneous. While the overwhelming majority of the residents of Spain identify themselves as Spaniards, there are also number of distinct regionals and linguistic...

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Terrorism in Spain

Armando Palumbo Professor Christopher Johnston ENC1101 April 21st ETA: Terrorism in Spain Since 1958 Spain has been under the attack of a terrorist entity named ETA or Euzkadi Ta Askatasuna (Basque Homeland and Freedom). This socialist paramilitary group was funded during the period of the authoritarian dictatorship Francisco Franco, as an opposition to his politics. Eta’s main objective is to set free the socialist country Euskal Herria (Basque Country), located in Spanish territory....

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 IMPORTANCE OF TOURISM IN SPAIN Subject: How is the national and international tourism helping Spain overcome the economic crisis? Introduction Spain is one of the countries in the world that has been severely affected by the global economic crisis originated in 2008. It is the country with the greatest number of unemployed citizens in all Europe. Its rate of unemployment reached an all time high of 26.9% in May 2013. The European Union is worried about this situation, and has therefore...

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A Journey to Spain

A Journey To The Kingdom of Spain In the summer of 2010 when final exams were over and the holiday had just started, my friends and I planned a ten-day-trip to Spain, which we were all excited about. A dream was finally fulfilled after having such a wonderful trip; however, we also encountered some terrible and scary phases. This adventure was the most memorable, for me, and one which we all learned from. I think everyone could learn from our bad experiences to prevent experiencing what we faced...

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