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Span Of Control Between The Chief Executive Officer And The Medical Staff

Span of control Span of management also known as span of control means how many subordinates are handled by a superior. It is one of the basic functions of organization. Simple meaning is - how many people are directly reporting to one manager. The central concern of span of management is to determine how many individuals a manager can supervise effectively. Span of management is also called the span of control, span of authority, span of supervision and span of responsibility. Span of management...

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Splitting the Roles of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer

FACULTY OF COMMERCE NAME STUDENT NUMBER DEPARTMENT COURSE COURSE CODE LECTURER YEAR ASSINGMENT QUESTION KUDZANAI ALLEN PARAFFIN N00801001T FINANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CFI 4107 DR. DUBE PART IV The split of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) roles are considered to be clearer in many ways in Good Corporate Governance. Discuss this statement in view of the Zimbabwean context. There is much debate as to whether companies are better served by splitting the roles of CEO...

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Conflict between Staff and Line Managerial Officers

"Conflict between staff and line managerial officers" from Melville Dalton describes the situation of staff organizations in the 1950s. In this time staff organizations are relatively new and were "a response to many complex interrelated forces" . The goal in demanding specialists in form of "staff people" was to create higher production and more efficiency. This introduction of a new organizational structure is related to some problems which occur. The following questions treat these staff-line tensions...

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Compensation: Chief Executive Officer and External Equity

senior organizational management is concerned. Further, it acts as a check against excess compensation and also effectively checks against market biases. However, by relying entirely on internal equity, Intel risks losing some of its most competent staff to competition. Also, according to Armstrong (2007), internal equity may prove to be beneficial in the short term but be costly in the long run. External equity: advantages and disadvantages External equity exists when employees in an organization...

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Role of Chief Executive Officer in Strategic Management Process

Chief executive officer is the most important figure in strategic managementprocess. S/he plays many roles in an organization. Planning, organizing,leading, and controlling are the major parts of management activities that amanager performs. Actually, strategic management is the top-levelmanagement. It covers all the management functions because it starts fromplanning such as environmental analysis and strategic choice, associated withorganizing and leading in implementation phase, and lastly also...

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Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a corporate officer responsible for managing the company’s financial operations. This officer is also responsible for all accounting functions including credit control, budgeting and financial reporting, coordination of financing and funding, expenditure and liquidity, monitoring and management of investment and tax issues, provide timely reports to the board, and providing timely financial data to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In some sectors the CFO is...

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Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the highest ranking IT executive in an enterprise that manages the information technology and computer system. The CIO manages the information system to help the enterprise achieve its goals. A competent CIO requires great technology knowledge, good communications skills, and broad corporate perspective. Generally, the CIO reports to chief executive officer, chief operations officer or chief financial officer. Origins of Chief Information...

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Chief Executive Officer of State Farm Insurance

My topic is on the Chief Executive Officer of State Farm Insurance, Edward B. Rust Jr. Like his grandfather and father before him, Edward B. Rust Jr. became the chairman and chief executive officer of State Farm Insurance Companies. Having been associated with the company his entire life, Rust was well rounded in the mutual insurer's corporate culture, which placed a great deal of emphasis on serving policyholders, who were the legal owners of the company, and avoiding spending money unnecessarily...

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The Role of a Chief Marketing Officer

1 Role of CMO 2 Retail Industry Background 3 Key Pain Points for CMO 4 Solution for Pain Points 5 Merits of Outsourcing 6 Testimony from Williams Lea Client 7 References Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and his Role  C-Level Corporate Executive.  Responsible for creating Marketing Strategy.  Responsible for activities in an organization that have to do with creating, communicating and delivering offerings that have value to a target market at a profit...

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Vice President and New Executive Vice

  Case Analysis ReportFMB&T Bank I.Statement of the Problem The new Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of FMB&TBank have no clear authority and responsibility. II.Objective There should be a clear authority and responsibility for the new IT Executivein order for her to be effective and efficient. III.Analysis of the Causes a.Relationship between IT Department and other bank business units ismixed up causing considerable confusion, friction and inefficiency...

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