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  • Wildfires

    A wildfire is any instance of uncontrolled burning in grasslands‚ brush‚ or woodlands. Wildfires destroy property and valuable natural resources‚ and may threaten the lives of people and animals. Wildfires can occur at any time of the year‚ but usually occur during hot‚ dry weather. Wildfires are usually signaled by dense smoke which may fill the air for miles around. The National Weather Service‚ U.S. Forest Service‚ and State forestry agencies combine to give wildfire probability forecasts. Local

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  • wildfires

    summer 2013 wildfires have been a major problem all over the world. When you think of fires you probably think about all the negative effects‚ but did you know that in some cases fires can be good? A way that we can help forests is by using a controlled burn or selectively logging. That is how you use a fire positively. That will help the community and the ecosystem. One place I will talk about in specific is Utah. The first thing I will address is the positive effects that wildfires have on our

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  • Wildfire

    SCIENCES Lecturer’s Name : Title : Natural Phenomena: Wildfires Order : Topical Order General Purpose : To Inform Specific Purpose : The acknowledge audience about the effect of the wildfires towards communities and environment health Central Idea : Although wildfire is a natural disaster‚ but one of the reason is‚ comes from human. Wildfires can cause damages to home and others structures. Moreover‚ wildfires can cause air pollutant that can affect human health. However

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  • PP Wildfires

    Natural Hazards : Wildfires / Causes of Wildfires 41 Wildfire Definition : an Uncontrolled fire which breaks out in a Natural Environment. It may be ‘controlled’ (put out) after some days or weeks – but for a time it is out of control – and takes place in forests‚ grasslands or crop fields – not in cities. Key Terms : Natural Lightning : Common in summer when thunderstorms develop. The biggest single ‘natural’ cause Natural cause Volcanic eruptions : lava‚ ash‚ pyroclastic flows can spark

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  • Wildfires In America

    an superintendent I know Wildfires develop when forest vegetation that is lacking moisture‚ elements and circulating air stimulate hot scorching gases that derive from combusting activities in national parks. I also know they travel through‚ burn and destroy acres of territories at 14 miles an hour and nearly 100‚000 wildfires occur annually. The wildfire article (p.‚) states‚ previously‚ 5 million wildfires have burned in the United States presently the amount of wildfires has increased to 9 million

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  • Yarnell Hill Wildfire

    Abstract On June 30‚ 2013 a wildfire began that proved to be the most deadly wildfire in over 50 years. The wildfire was started by a strike of lightning just outside the city of Yarnell‚ AZ. The Prescott Fire Department ’s elite group of firefighters‚ who were called Granite Mountain Hotshots‚ were called in to contain the fire. While attempting to contain the fire around Yarnell‚ the winds changed directions‚ and picked up speed. This caused the fire to circle around the firefighters‚ cutting

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  • Wildfires Research Paper

    Wildfires can be very dangerous fires that are likely to burn down an entire forest. They spread very quickly‚ and they are very damaging and can throw an ecosystem off balance. These roaring fires are very destructive and can cause all lot of harm so it’s important that you take caution. Some of the extreme damage it can cause is not only burn down a forest‚ but destroy acres of land‚ that could be someone’s property and home. The highest number of Wildfires that have ever occurred in the U.S

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  • Why Is Wildfires Important

    on wildfires‚ the issue is that wildfires can be good but there is always one bad thing‚ its that the animals can die cause of these wildfires. Wildfires are good in natural ways like for example they can clear dead leaves from the floor for new things to grow and it can also clear dead trees or things that are not useful to the trees or to habitats witch is good. I believe that we should continue to have contained wildfires and natural wildfires. Wildfires are

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  • Natural Aid In Wildfires

    Wildfires provide a slew of associated hazards which require adequate hazard mitigation strategies to protect their communities. First‚ it is important to examine the human element. Wildfires primarily impact dry vegetation climates‚ however‚ most fires are caused by the inappropriate utilization of fire‚ subsequently causing fires (Smith and Petley‚ 2013‚ p. 288). However‚ wildfires can be also be caused by a more natural means. The natural occurrence of lightning provided an ignition source which

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  • Colorado Wildfires Essay

    Boselli Sunday‚ July 7‚ 2013 Chosen Topic: Global Deforestation Chosen Areas of Focus: Wildfires Article Title 1: Colorado wildfire: thousands evacuated in Colorado Springs By Kurtis Lee and Erin Udell This article tells about how many people in Colorado had been evacuated due to the raging wildfires that have been happening. I personally live in the Denver area and we have not had any wildfires down here. Unfortunately due to the dry weather we were not able to light any of our own fireworks

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