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  • essay on bushfire

    Paper Title Linking community bushfire education strategies to the community J.P. Gawen South Australian Country Fire Service Abstract: Community bushfire education is increasingly becoming a key component of fire and emergency services strategies through out the world. Based on the premise that well informed communities in times of emergencies are better able to act in appropriate ways to reduce the loss of life and property‚ bushfire education strategies have advanced beyond

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  • Bushfires

    Introduction Australia is frequently ravaged by bushfires‚ more so than any other country in the world. During the severe 2002-2003 season‚ which lasted from 1 July 2002 to 28 February 2003‚ there were 5999 bushfires recorded. There has been a long‚ dramatic history of bushfires on the continent‚ with fires first sparking around five million years ago when dry grassland began to dominate the landscape. Prior to this period‚ Australia was predominately composed of lakes‚ wetlands‚ rivers and rainforests

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  • bushfires

    Bushfire incidents in Australia are caused in many different ways‚ some of the main reasons are accidents‚ such as vehicle fires‚ Human carelessness‚ for example‚ from discarded cigarette butts or escapes from campfires and Lightning. The Intensity of bushfires is increased by dry vegetation‚ often after a period of heatwave‚ together with strong‚ gusting winds‚ and absence of precipitation Faulty power lines are also often a cause of bushfires. Australia experiences many types of bushfires. Fires

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  • causes of bushfires

    Causes of Bushfires Bushfires are caused by both man- made and natural causes. The factors that cause them to occur include leaving a fire unattended‚ having an open fire on a dry windy day‚ the glass from a mirror causing a small flame to become a powerful wildfire‚ arson and lightening are all causes of bushfires‚ however humans are the cause of 76% of all bushfires that occur. Social impacts The impact of bushfires on the people of region can be huge and completely devastating. Some

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  • An essay on bushfires as natural hazards

    A bushfire is a firre burning out of control inthe open. Bushfires can burn using grass‚scrub or forest (or a combination of these) forfuel. Unless quickly controlled‚ bushfirescan become large‚ spreading to affect forests‚wildlife‚ crops‚ houses and other buildings‚and human life. In Australia‚ some bushfireshave become major disasters. Fires are not a recent occurrence in Australia. Since the last Ice Age‚ bushfires have influencedthe development of the Australian land. Fires arean essential

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  • Bushfires On The Environment Essay

    hazards such as bushfires‚ floods‚ heat waves‚ cyclones as well as droughts. Due to our generally hot‚ dry and unpredictable climate the country is prone to many bushfires. Bushfires impact Australia by damaging the environment‚ weakening the economy in addition to creating social distress. Bushfires have damaging impacts‚ however these fires can also be beneficial to the environment unlike other natural hazards. The amount of economic‚ social and environmental effects bushfires cause display the

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  • Natural Hazards - Bushfires

    Natural Hazards – Bushfires A natural hazard is a natural event that has a significantly negative effect on people or the environment. Many natural hazards are related. For example drought can lead to famine and earthquakes can form tsunamis and landslides. Australia’s most common natural hazards are storms‚ cyclones‚ floods‚ droughts‚ heatwaves and bushfires. Natural Hazards have a major impact on Australian communities including loss of life‚ property damage‚ environmental destruction‚ and a

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  • Bushfires Research Papers

    Bushfires or wildfires have a high incidence in many regions of the world but is of distinct significance in Australia because the country’s high variant dry and arid landscape support the perfect environment for developing and sustaining these fires. Even though bushfires are part of natural dynamics in Australian environment‚ it is primary that learn from earlier wildfire emergencies to prepare and respond securely sooner or later with unexpected events. It has to be accredited by the communities

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  • Social Impacts of Bushfires

    There is without a doubt that social consequences of bushfires are indisputably greater than its impacts on the economy and environment. Economically‚ bushfires destroyed infrastructures and residences. Some were dilapidated and others are destroyed completely. The money spent to control and put off the fire which can be millions of dollars should also be taken to account. Concerning the environment‚ bushfires disturbed floras and faunas. Natural habitats of living organisms are destroyed. Carbon

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  • Natural Hazards - Bushfires

    have a negative effect on people or the environment. 2. Provide a brief description of the type of hazard you have been allocated. Bushfires: A bushfire is a large out-of-control fire occurring in areas with large amounts of flammable vegetation. Bushfires are hard to control as the right weather conditions and wind direction can cause a bushfire to spread from the forest to civilisation. They occur naturally as a result of lightning strikes and spontaneous combustion‚ or it is the result

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