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Hand out : Biodiversity Biological Diversity or Biodiversity - is the variety (diversity) of all life forms on earth, encompassing all plants, animals, microorganisms and the intricate ecosystems they form.   - the totality of ecosystems, species, and genes within the area. Levels of Biodiversity 1. Species Diversity (Different Life Forms) 2. Genetic Diversity (Different characteristics of plants, animals & other living organisms) 3. Ecosystem Diversity (Different types of...

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 A Detailed explanation Biodiversity! Introduction What is Biodiversity ? The word 'biodiversity' is a contraction (short form) of biological diversity. Diversity is a concept which refers to the range of variation or differences among some set of entities; biological diversity thus refers to variety within the living world (here a habitat). The term 'biodiversity' is indeed commonly used to describe the number, variety and variability of living organisms. From the above explanation...

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Biodiversity is comprised of the totality of genes, species and ecosystems of a region. The occurrence of various kinds of flora and fauna in a region reflects its biological diversity or biodiversity. In most parts of the world which are habitable, the living world abounds in biodiversity. In a patch of forest, there is a wide variety of insects, animals, plants and trees. All plant and animal species cannot occur at one place. Whether or not a species can occur on a site is determined by environmental...

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continued loss of biodiversity as an issue separate from the core concerns of society: to tackle poverty, to improve the health, prosperity and security of present and future generations, and to deal with climate change. Each of those objectives is undermined by current trends in the state of our ecosystems, and each will be greatly strengthened if we finally give biodiversity the priority it deserves. The Majesty of Life When we say we want to save the planet, we use the word "biodiversity" to encompass...

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Rachel Newell Walter Zeller International Relations November 18,2013 Loss of Biodiversity David Ehrenfeld says in his book Biodiversity “The value of biological diversity tells us a great deal about why biological diversity is in trouble”(212). People tend to over look the importance of biodiversity. Without it we would lose a lot of the resources that we use for important and everyday things. One example is that a lot of medicines come from plants, and the more plants we have on the planet...

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 Biodiversity J.N.M Grade 10A HIS Ms. C.W Biodiversity is the biological variety or diversity of life on Earth (Anup). It is a connection between all organisms ("10 Surprising Threats to Biodiversity"); these organisms are all part of a “biologically diverse Earth.” Biodiversity enhances productivity in an ecosystem in which all species have an important role to play. Not only does it enhance productivity but also when it is conserved and healthy, it offers us many...

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UNIQUE AND THREATENED BIODIVERSITY The patchwork of isolated islands, the tropical location of the country, and the once extensive areas of rainforest have resulted in high species diversity in some groups of organisms and a very high level of endemism. There are five major and at least five minor centers of endemism, ranging in size from Luzon, the largest island (103,000 km²), which, for example, has at least 31 endemic species of mammals, to tiny Camiguin Island (265 km²) speck of land north...

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Threats to Biodiversity and Conservation of Biodiversity

Threats to Biodiversity: Habitat loss is mainly due to human population growth, industrialization and changes in the land use patterns, poaching of wild life and man wildlife conflicts. Man has begin to overuse or misuse most of these natural ecosystems. Due to unsustainable resource-use, once productive forests and grasslands have been turned into deserts and wastelands have increased all over world. Scientists have estimated that human activities are likely to eliminate approximately 10 million...

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Loss of Biodiversity

Outline Loss of Biodiversity Introduction I. By the show of hands, how many of you know what a biodiversity is? II. For those of you who do not know, a biodiversity is a variety of the humans and species that live on Earth. III. This is meaningful to you because I hope to speak for most of us when I say that I want my children and my grandchildren to experience the animals and wildlife we have today. IV. However, according to ourfutureplanet.org the rate of a loss of biodiversity is occurring...

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The Loss of Biodiversity

The Loss of Biodiversity Brenda Peace POL310 Environmental Policies Instructor: Arthur Piervencenti February 10, 2013 It seems that in today’s time, the discussion of biodiversity and what it means is being discussed frequently. There are those who feel that biodiversity is something that will possibly take care of itself. Then there are those who realize that the Earth is changing and there are some things that need to be done to ensure that the Earth is preserved. This is going to require...

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Water and Biodiversity

Publications // Danube Watch // Danube Watch 3/2010 // Biodiversity and water Biodiversity and water Countries are working together to implement legislation that seeks to increase the resilience of biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems by balancing sustainable water use with the long-term protection of available resources. Biodiversity and water Countries are working together to implement legislation that seeks to increase the resilience of biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems by balancing sustainable water...

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The Importance of Biodiversity

‘Define Biodiversity and using examples, explain why it is important’ Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth. A fuller definition is given in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) from the 1992 Earth summit: ‘Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms from all sources, including terrestrial, marine, and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are part ; this includes diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems’ (Hambler, C., 2004...

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Biodiversity Decline

Declining Biodiversity Deanna Garrett ENV495 Jeanne Lambert May 6, 2013 Declining Biodiversity Biodiversity is important in ecosystems because every life form works together in order for them to function. When these ecosystems are disrupted or altered, or even lacks biodiversity, it poses major threats to all the life forms in it, whether it happens quickly or over a long period of time.  These threats include atmospheric pollution, weather catastrophe, climate changes, or even man-made...

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Conservation of Biodiversity

Introduction Biodiversity also known as biological diversity is the existence of a wide variety of species (species diversity) or other taxa of plants, animals, and micro organisms in a natural community or habitat, or of communities within a particular environment (ecological diversity) or of a genetic variation within a specie (genetic diversity). (Oxford dictionary of biology). The root of concern for conserving biodiversity are increased loss of species, increased rates of deforestation and...

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Biodiversity Paper

Biodiversity Paper BIO/280 March 4, 2013 Shameema Sarker Conservation biology is a scientific discipline that devotes its focus to maintaining and conserving the structural biological...

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Is Biodiversity Overprotected?

Is Biodiversity Overprotected? What does biodiversity mean? It is a word used to describe the variety of all life in an ecosystem in addition to the specific habitats and communities in which they live (Convention on Biological Diversity). For years, people have been going back and forth on whether the environment is overprotected or underprotected. I believe that both sides of the debate go to unnecessary extremes, but agree with those who say that biodiversity is underprotected. The movement...

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Threats to Biodiversity

Name: Maricar A. Magale Section & Schedule: A3; MTh 10:30am-12pm Threats of Biodiversity “The loss of biological diversity is second only to nuclear warfare in its threat to human and other life on this planet.” - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms from all sources, including inter alia [among other things], terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are a part; this includes diversity...

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Government and Biodiversity

Government Role in Biodiversity A growing issue in today’s world is the role of government in biodiversity. Biodiversity, the relationships between all living things, could be the most delicate natural resource that we have. As with many controversial topics, there are arguments for more, less and satisfactory involvement. The specific aspect of this issue that will be addressed is the role that the government plays in controlling big game populations, particularly deer, bear and wolf. The control...

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Biodiversity in Singapore

our natural heritage and developing our land for practical uses increases substantially. In an effort to examine whether our natural heritage is still worth preserving in the face of competing land uses, this essay analyzes the benefits that our biodiversity continues to provide us with in modern society. Throughout this analysis, relevant examples are drawn from published studies, as well as practices of organizations / individuals from other countries. Today, the primary forests in Singapore are...

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Lab Report Biodiversity

INTRODUCTION Biodiversity presents occurrence of variety of species and their natural community in which they live. By the definition it is “The degree of variation of life forms within a given species, ecosystem, biome, or an entire planet. It is a measure of the health of ecosystems and is in part a function of climate.” (Rutherford) Ecosystem is on the other hand, “ community and its abiotic environment”( Rutherford). Biodiversity exists in every ecosystem, weather it is big one, or just ecosystem...

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Biodiversity by John I. Spicer

_____Cameron Kashani_____, a review of: Spicer, John I. 2009. Biodiversity. New York: Rosen Pub Biodiversity and its decline is a subject often overlooked when talking about the dangers facing our planets ecosystem. A main reason for this seclusion is the vague nature of the word biodiversity. It is a term that has so many different meanings because of people’s different subjective interpretations. However at the Convention on Biological Diversity at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992, the term was...

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Threats to biodiversity hotspots

Homework 6 – Siovhan Tan Referring to examples, discuss the threats to biodiversity hotspots and why these threats could prove critical (15 marks) Biodiversity hotspots are areas in the natural environment that contain some of the biggest concentration of flora and fauna in the world, often containing many rare and endangered species. However many of these ecosystems are threatened by the likes of climate change, increased urbanisation/land use and tourism developments which can prove critical...

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Biodiversity and Climate Change

Assignment ENV 107 Topic: Submitted to Professor Dr. S.M. Atiqul Islam Submitted by Name: ID: Section: Date: Biodiversity: Biological diversity, or biodiversity, refers to the variety of life on Earth. As defined by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, it includes diversity of ecosystems, species and genes, and the ecological processes that support them. Natural diversity in ecosystems provides essential economic benefits and services...

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Biodiversity of Mount Tomaniivi

September 2011. TOTAL MARKS 100 = 15% OF FINAL GRADE. DUE DATE: FRIDAY 28 OCTOBER 2011 I. VITI LEVU – MAJOR ESSAY 1 Write an 8-page essay on “Viti Levu: A Case Study of Island Biodiversity”. Your essay should focus on the different natural and cultural terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity that are found on Viti Levu, with focus on dominant species (plants and animals) and crops in different areas. The essay should be based on what you have learned in the past and your personal...

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Threats to Philippine Biodiversity

1. Enumerate and discuss the direct and indirect threats to Philippine biodiversity. Direct Threats • Illegal logging • Mining • Pollution • Oils spill •  Introduction of invasive species • Overexploitation Indirect Threats • Infrastructure development • Rapidly increasing human population against a limited land base ➢ Indiscriminate logging literally changes the forest landscape. Although there has been a...

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Lab 3 Biodiversity 1

Lab 3 – Biodiversity Demonstration 1: Interdependence of Species Table 1: Interdependence of Species Results Round Species Missing (Bead Color and Name) 1 Blue (Humans) 2 White (Lichen) 3 Yellow (Bees) 4 Red (Flowers) POST LAB QUESTIONS 1. Explain how the ecosystem was affected by the missing species for each round of the demonstration. a. Round 1 = Humans are the biggest cause in the decline of our neighbored species and the ecosystem would be better affected if Human interference was nonexistent...

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Biodiversity and Conservation of Seshachalam Hills

rich biodiversity, elegant environment, beautiful hill ranges and perennial streams and water falls since times immemorial. This area is not properly explored due to prohibition because the holy shrine of Lord Sri Venkateswara or Balaji situated here. Present study aims at the detailed survey of flora and fauna of Seshachalam Hill Range for the assessment of Biodiversity which is important to formulate appropriate conservation strategies. Key Words - Seshachalam Hill Range – Biodiversity – Conservation...

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Food Production And The Loss Of Biodiversity

diversity is accountable for the thorough development of all natural systems and warrants their existence. The inclination of biodiversity in our daily lives is what enables us to continue to prosper and feasibly grow and develop in our environment, with each life form and ecosystem having its own intrinsic value (Burns, 2001, pg. 3). Increasingly however, biodiversity has observed a steady decline, being detrimentally impacted by Industrial Expansion, and particularly, the various agricultural...

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Is Biodiversity Overprotected Debate

been projected to exist (Becher, 1998, 60). Tropical entomologist Terry Erwin’s research supports that there may be as many as 30 million insect species alone in the tropical rainforests (Shiva et al, 1991, 14). One of the true challenges to biodiversity is that there are so many species that we may be obliterating that we are not even aware exist yet. We are destroying species faster than we can identify them. Extinction and evolution are a normal part of the life cycle on Earth. Of all...

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Protection of Biodiversity in State of Uttar Pradesh

PROTECTION OF BIODIVERSITY IN STATE OF UTTAR PRADESH * CONTENTS: 1. INTRODUCTION 2. BIODIVERSITY OF U.P. 3. IN SITU AND EX-SITU CONSERVATION 4. AUTHORITIES FOR PROTECTION OF BIODIVERSITY 5. CONCLUSION 6. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. INTRODUCTION: India with her states is rich in biodiversity. The State of Uttar Pradesh although not that much biologically diversified nevertheless it has significant biodiversity. The main reason behind comparatively less biodiversity...

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linking Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and People

Linking Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, and People What is Biodiversity and why is it important? Biodiversity is a term describing the variety of life, among living organisms and ecosystems. It refers to the wide variety of ecosystems and organisms suchs as animals, plants, their habitats, and the ecological complexes of the diversity within species. It is crucial for the functioning of ecosystems which provides us with products and services we cannot live without. Oxygen, food, fresh water...

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Human impact on biodiversity and ecosystem loss

 Human impact on biodiversity and ecosysytem loss Magdaléna Jilečková The English College in Prague Abstract Biodiversity and ecosystem are crucial issues that have an impact to the human well-being now and in the future. Biodiversity depends on many factors but the most influentive is the habitat loss which influences the biodiversity worldwide. Humans converts native areas into agriculture and industrial...

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Climate Change and Tropical Biodiversity - a Summary

Climate change and tropical biodiversity: a new focus Brodie J., Post E., Laurance W. In this review article, Brodie et al. expose a different approach to looking at the effects of global climate change on tropical biodiversity. An abundant amount of literature does, in fact, address the direct effects of climate change on biodiversity in the tropics. Brodie et al. argue, however, that while these efforts are extremely important and notable for current and future conservation efforts, little...

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Bio-Geographic Classification for the Conservation of Biodiversity

The Bio-geographic Classification for the Conservation of Biodiversity The Biogeographic Classification for the Conservation of Biodiversity are as follows: Biogeographic Zones of India: For the planning of conservation of biodiversity at the state and national levels, classifications of ecosystems are done based on biogeography. The biogeographical classification uses following four levels of planning: (1) The Biogeography Zone: It is a large distinctive unit of similar ecology, biome representation...

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Biodiversity Conservation: In-Situ and Ex-Situ

) Which one of the following is not a site for in-situ method of conservation of flora? • (a.)Biosphere Reserve • (b.) Botanical Garden • (c.) National Park • (d.) Wildlife Sanctuary In-situ biodiversity conservation (Natural Home) • In this case, you identify an area with high biodiversity (= this area has lot of number and variety of plants and animals) • And then, you isolate and protect this area from human activities by establishing a natural park/sanctuary/biosphere reserve etc....

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The Caucasus, Madagascar and Caribbean Islands: Biodiversity Hotspots

Biodiversity Hotspots The Caucasus: The Caucasus hotspot, historically interpreted as the area of land between the Black and Caspian seas, covers a total area of 580,000 km. Located at a biological crossroads, species from Central and Northern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa mingles here with endemics found nowhere else. One of the most biologically rich regions on Earth, the Caucasus is among the planet’s 25 most diverse and endangered hotspots. The Caucasus is one...

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Ess Topic 4.3 - Conservation of Biodiversity

4.3.1 State the arguments for preserving species and habitats. Why conserve biodiversity? The values of biodiversity can be classified as either direct values or indirect values (see pp.119-120 in the IB ESS Course Companion): • Direct values - can be (relatively) easily calculated • goods harvested & destroyed for consumption (eating) or sale in a market • generally physical commodities of some sort • private goods - value accrues to the owner of the resource • Examples: ...

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BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY Quote : Biodiversity is Life! Biodiversity is the greatest treasure we have... Its diminishment is to be prevented at all cost. - Thomas Eisner Planet Earth is so diverse! There is diversity of Life, Biodiversity! BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY Definition • Full variety of life on Earth • The study of the processes that create and maintain variation • Variety of individuals within populations • Diversity of species within communities • Range of ecological roles within...

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BIODIVERSITY AND EXTINCTION Biodiversity is determined by the variety of species extant in a specific ecosystem; this includes both animals and plants. Biodiversity is what gives an ecosystem a continuing and symbiotic relationship between all the organic and inorganic elements; maintaining the proper balance of different gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and many other elements, which differ in composition depending on the type of environment (such as subterranean, aquatic...

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Biodiversity: Who Cares? Biodiversity is important for many reasons. One reason it is important is for biological reasons. If biodiversity is affected in a biological community it can cause species to overpopulate or become extinct. These changes can cause issues with the goods and services that an ecosystem provides to humanity. Species’ functional characteristics influence the ecosystem properties. Every species depends on each other. If one is wiped out then another species will lose their...

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Biodiversity: One Small Step for Man, a Giant Leap for Future Generations

article “Why Is Biodiversity Important? Who Cares?”, “Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter how small, all have an important role to play;” but, mankind’s habits are well-known to disregard any attention to world they live in; however, conservation of the environment’s biodiversity is important for the continuance of the human race. Prior to explaining the importance of biodiversity and its role in nature, the terms ecosystem and biodiversity have to be defined;...

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I Hold the Future, Preserving the Philippine's Biodiversity

I HOLD THE FUTURE: PRESERVING THE PHILIPPINES BIODIVERSITY The sum of all the different species of animals, plants, fungi, and microbial organisms living on Earth and the variety of habitats in which they live is called Biological Diversity or also known as the Biodiversity. Scientists estimate that upwards of 10 million—and some suggest more than 100 million—different species inhabit the Earth. Each species is adapted to its unique niche in the environment, from the peaks of mountains to the depths...

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Biodiversity From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Coral reefs are amongst the most diverse ecosystems on earth. Rainforests are an example of biodiversity on the planet and typically possess a great deal of species diversity. This is the Gambia River in Senegal's Niokolo-Koba National Park. Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life.[1] It is a measure of the variety of organisms present in different ecosystems. This can refer to genetic variation, ecosystem variation, or species...

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Indo-Burma Forests: Biodiversity at Risk Due to Urbanization

Dianna Smith 12/11/12 Forestry “Indo-Burma Forests” Forests, some of the most essential ecosystems in the world, house about forty to seventy-five percent all plants and animals globally. Unfortunately, the amount of biodiversity in forests is severely at risk due to the increasing deforestation over the past four decades. It is estimated in the biological community that approximately 50,000 species are completely wiped out annually as a result of urbanization, land clearance, logging, and other...

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Ícaro Rocha de Almeida Word count: 516 Discuss the benefits to humans of biodiversity, and outline with examples the most important current threats to biodiversity. Biodiversity is an important topic in the modern globalized world; from its enormous potentials to its concerns. Biodiversity means: “The variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat, a high level of which is usually considered to be important and desirable.” according to the Oxford Dictionary; it influences...

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Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life forms within a given ecosystem, biome, or an entire planet. Biodiversity is a measure of the health of ecosystems. Greater biodiversity implies greater health. Biodiversity is in part a function of climate. In terrestrial habitats, tropical regions are typically rich whereas polar regions support fewer species. Rapid environmental changes typically cause extinctions. One estimate is that less than 1% of the species that have existed on Earth are extant...

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‘Maintaining biodiversity at its present level is impossible if people are going to achieve a reasonable standard of living in the near future.’

The UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 defined biodiversity as being the variability between all living organisms, terrestrial, marine and aquatic. This includes the diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems. A reasonable standard of living does not mean that a person should live at a luxury level, but neither does it mean that a person should only live at a subsistence level. It should be somewhere in between where the person can afford to eat nutritious food, buy clothes...

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over inadequate preservation of biodiversity. Biodiversity is the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat, a high level of which is usually considered to be important and desirable. According to Tim Flannery, between 1995 and 2008, the number of small mammals in Kakadu National Park declined by 75% and one third of the species that were recorded in 1995 can no longer be found. I find these statistics appalling and believe that biodiversity is a big contributor to our...

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“Maintaining biodiversity at its present level is impossible if people are going to achieve a reasonable standard of living in the near future”

“Maintaining biodiversity at its present level is impossible if people are going to achieve a reasonable standard of living in the near future” - Discuss this with reference to a tropical biome you have studied (40 marks) Biodiversity means the variety of life forms/organisms in an ecosystem, biome or entire planet. Globally, biodiversity is not evenly distributed. It generally increases from the poles towards the equator as around 50% of the world’s plants and animals live in tropical rainforests...

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Biodiversity and Forests

Conservation Of Wild Life forests Protection and conservation of forests and wildlife are essential to maintain the earth’s health and environment. The earth is the only known living planet and it is because of its special environment and ecology which are life-supporting. Forests are part and parcel of our environment. They are one of the most valuable resources and gifts of nature. They play a key role in the maintenance climate, rain-patterns, water and soil conservation. They are the natural...

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Evaluate the Importance of Zoos and Captive Breeding Programmes in the Preservation of Biodiversity for Future Generations.

programmes in the preservation of biodiversity for future generations. Nowadays one of the most important issues is preservation of biodiversity. Although most of the damages to our environment were made in the past, since there were less education and consciousness between people, there are still many factors threatening the world heritage. So, it must be the duty, but at this stage even a challenge, of the community and of each individual, to preserve the world’s biodiversity without drastically reducing...

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Apes Ap Notes

Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Chapter 11 Review Sheet I. Central Case: Saving the Siberian Tiger A. Up until the past 200 years, tigers roamed widely across the Asian continent from Turkey to northeast Russia to Indonesia. B. Of the tigers that still survive in small pockets of their former range, those in the subspecies known as the Siberian tiger are the largest cats in the world. C. For thousands of years, the Siberian tiger coexisted with the native people of what is today...

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 What is biodiversity? Why does it change? Why is it important to conserve it? INTRODUCTION Presently these days, lots of people live in urban areas. In this case they are separated from the environment. But another important reason why humans will always depend on the environment is because our lives depend on biodiversity. Meaning that we get clothing, medicines, food and furniture from other species. Just because that people rely on biodiversity they have to conserve...

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mangrove ecosystems

Many of these species are found in the similar conditions to the tropical conditions of a wide range of salinity, tidal range, anaerobic soils and high light intensity. Plant biodiversity is relatively low in mangrove ecosystems, especia lly in higher altitudes and the Americas. The mangroves with the highest biodiversity are locat ed in the mangroves of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Mangroves vary in height from shrubs to giant 40 metre trees and have adapted to live in considerably...

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W3 Lab

Lab 3 – Biodiversity Demonstration 1: Interdependence of Species Table 1: Interdependence of Species Results Round Species Missing (Bead Color and Name) 1 Blue / Humans 2 Red / Flowers 3 Yellow / Bees 4 N/A POST LAB QUESTIONS 1. Explain how the ecosystem was affected by the missing species for each round of the demonstration. a. Round 1 = Without humans then all progress cease to exist and everything will go in reverse. Humans run pretty much everything and if we just eliminated humans then...

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How is gold mining considered as unethical socially and environmentally?

of the biodiversity and deforestation are two significant mercury impacts toward the environment. “It is estimated globally, that artisanal mining since 1998 produces 20–30% of global gold production and is responsible for one third (average of 1000 t/y) of all mercury released in the environment” (Swenson, Carter, Domec & Delgado, 2011, para. 3). As a result, many species suffer and this leads to the loss of biodiversity. Indeed, Peru represents a clear example about loss of biodiversity. “Madre...

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until 2000 years ago (wildmadagascar.org, 2007). The isolation over that period has helped develop a unique biodiversity on the island. Its biodiversity is among the richest on the planet, with over 250,000 species across the island. Most of that biodiversity is found in the tropical rainforests that cover most of the Eastern half of the island. What really makes Madagascar’s biodiversity unique is that almost 175,000 (75%) of those species are only found on this island. There are an estimated 12...

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Consequences of diseases in biodiversity 1. All species are interconnected. They depend on one another. Bees and other insects carry pollen from one plant to another, which enables the plants to reproduce. If there is less biodiversity, there might be extinction of animal, and if bees become extinct , there will be a problem for plants to reproduce. 2. With the loss of biodiversity the transmission of diseases increases .Thus biodiversity ...

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Classroom Observation and Reflection

caused species loss as one of the major current threats to biodiversity; Explain the species diversity level of biodiversity; Explain how the disappearance of one species affects other species Skills: Students will develop skills in the following areas: Organizing their knowledge into KWL charts. Materials Blackboard, chalk, paper, drawing tools and source of music (teacher can sing 1 VOCABULARY LIST Biodiversity, carnivore, decomposer, ecosystem, food chain, food web, herbivore...

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Final Exam

extinction greatly modify the food chain or have other long term effects etc. 2. What is biodiversity? What is conservation biology? How are these two terms related? Biodiversity is several different species located in one ecosystem. Conservative Biology is the scientific study of biodiversity that’s main focus is protecting species and biodiversity. These two terms are related because one explains what biodiversity is and the other is the science in protecting and understanding that understanding...

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