Why Is Wildfires Important

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Agriculture, Global warming, Oxygen, Plant, Wildfire / Pages: 3 (594 words) / Published: May 31st, 2017
My Topic is on wildfires, the issue is that wildfires can be good but there is always one bad thing, its that the animals can die cause of these wildfires. Wildfires are good in natural ways like for example they can clear dead leaves from the floor for new things to grow and it can also clear dead trees or things that are not useful to the trees or to habitats witch is good. I believe that we should continue to have contained wildfires and natural wildfires.

Wildfires are not good when they are not needed in nature, wildfires that are not natural are caused when people do things like, if they are smoking in their cars and they are going 60 miles per hour next to the woods or some place with a lot of trees, and him or her throws the cigarette out of the car while they are driving. The cigarette can land on the grass or next to a bush and a fire could easily start by bushes or any other plant and reach every tree there is in that spot. One other way wildfires can start is when people go camping. They start a camp fire and for some reason they forget to put the fire out, the fire can get bigger to the point that it reaches a tree and the fire can spread quickly around the woods.
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