Yarnell Hill Wildfire

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On June 30, 2013 a wildfire began that proved to be the most deadly wildfire in over 50 years. The wildfire was started by a strike of lightning just outside the city of Yarnell, AZ. The Prescott Fire Department 's elite group of firefighters, who were called Granite Mountain Hotshots, were called in to contain the fire. While attempting to contain the fire around Yarnell, the winds changed directions, and picked up speed. This caused the fire to circle around the firefighters, cutting off their escape route. Nineteen of the twenty firefighters were killed June 30, 2013.

Yarnell Hill Wildfire

June 28, 2013 in Yarnell, Arizona a wildfire was ignited by lightning. With the Prescott Fire Department 's elite of “Hotshots” were called to fight the fire, as they have done many times before. But as the group of Hotshots stood their ground attempting to protect the city of Yarnell Hill, AZ from the roaring fire, the huge gusts of wind blew the fire past the group of firemen closing the fire in around them. With nineteen of the twenty elite firemen taking cover under their fire resistant blankets, which is only done as a last resort for any firemen, they were killed by the huge wildfire. The wildfire was eventually put out on July 11, 2013.

Throughout the entire wildfire, having open communication with your team is essential to ensuring you make it out alive. Although, the Granite Mountain Hotshots, as many reports have shown, had the communication that is expected from an elite group of firemen. The men were positioned to continue to attempt to contain the fire, with an escape route if anything were to happen. But when one of the firemen began to have the fire come close to where he was, he followed protocol, and retreated and called to his team to notify that his area had been compromised. But while he was getting out, it is still unsure if there was not enough time for the others to get out, or what caused such a

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