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Value Theory

on the cultural aspects: a. Moral decline among community members, especially among teenagers and students. The progress of economic life... Premium * Cheating didnt feel guilty to dishonest and cheat their parents because decrease in moral value among youngster nowadays. This case happens when their parents to pamper... Premium * Declining Moral Standards of waywardness that has seeped through the entire society. Essentially, we have to contend with the moral decline of Pakistan a story...

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Beliefs, Values, and Morals

Learning team's beliefs, values, and morals Gail Johnson Com/505 December 19, 2010 Lisa Schulz Abstract We as a society have accepted certain standards that we hold true. These are beliefs that we have faith in such as religion and the “right to bare arms.” The religious belief that as a Christian “Christ “will protect us but morally we purchase fire arms for protection from certain individuals within society that choose not to follow the norm. Is it right for a religious...

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Socrates on Moral Value

wisdom he may have was derived from his knowledge that he knows nothing. In this way, he invalidates his prosecutors’ claims that he knowingly corrupted the minds of the young. Socrates also firmly believed one should firmly stand by one’s moral values regardless of consequences. Socrates is regarded as one of the greatest “heroes” of philosophy because of his belief that one should never change his or her faith because of his or her fear of death. In Crito Socrates reveals that he unyielding stance...

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Divine Command Theory. Are people's moral standards right because God commands them, or does God command them because they are right?

wrong. Are people's moral standards right because God commands them, or does God command them because they are right? The Divine Command Theory most simply states that God's commands are what is morally right, and what God forbids is morally wrong. This means that loving one another is right because God commands humans to do so. Advocates of the Divine Command Theory believe this, and believe that morality is the same as that which God commands. Things are good because God created them and/or willed...

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Value Theory and Product

not have large variation from the last time she bought it. Q What about the product itself. Any specific value adders like warranty or new concept or free coupons etc? Usual warranty of 1 year. But that was never the priority since she doesn’t mean to use it for heavy loads. So product longevity not a concern. Q does the product meet her expectation? Yes. It provides the basic value she looks for. ‘funky’, ‘stylish’, ‘youthful’ Q. How is the perception of the brand/company in her mind...

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Discuss the Distinction Between a Fundamental and a Subordinate Moral Principle Using the Utilitarian Theory as an Example

Discuss the distinction between a fundamental and a subordinate moral principle using the utilitarian theory as an example. A fundamental moral principle is a moral principle which is the ultimate basis for evaluating the rightness or wrongness of all acts. It is the ultimate and final reason in itself. It is the intrinsic value of the moral principle itself, not that it appeals to other moral principle or justified by other reasons, that makes it the fundamental moral principle. The absolutist...

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What the Divine Command Theory means according to Emil Brunner and how Kai Nielsen objects to that theory.

In this paper I intend to explain what the Divine Command Theory means according to Emil Brunner and how Kai Nielsen objects to that theory. I plan to do this by an explanation of what Divine Command Theory is as opposed to Humanistic Ethics. I plan to show that abandoning religious ethics in support of Humanistic Ethics is not reasonable. What is Divine Command Theory? According to Emil Brunner "Genuine humanly good is found only in the unconditional, unquestioned obedience of man to God." That...

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Blood Money

Money Jennifer Browning ETH 316 April 2, 2015 Professor Peter Fortuna When comparing virtue theory, utilitarianism and deontological ethics, you must look at the similarities and the differences. Each idea has many key points; virtue theory is defined as your personal behavioral characteristics. If you are a good person, your values will be good values. Utilitarianism believes that if your action is right, it will promote happiness and if it is a wrong action the reverse...

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Kantian Ethics vs. Utilitarianism

Teleology, an explanation of phenomena by the purpose they serve rather than postulated causes, has found its place in the construction of many systems of morality such as John Stuart Mill’s theory of Utilitarianism. In teleological approaches to morality, questions of right and wrong, or the notion what an individual ought to do, are determined by the consequences of a given action. One thinker to reject this idea of consequentialism was Immanuel Kant. In his Groundwork of the Metaphysics of...

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Alligator river story

it’s hard for them to do good morals. 2_ Gregory 4__ Abigail 3__ Slug 5__ Sinbad 1_ Ivan Explanation of theory Kohlberg's theory was researched and interviewed using groups of boys of 10 through 16 years old; he presented them with a series of hypothetical moral dilemma stories. These stories presented a conflict between the two moral values. Kohlberg examined and followed the participants between three and four year spans within 20 years (Berk, 2010). Kohlberg's stages...

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