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Value Theory and Product

By shromonaiim Nov 15, 2013 544 Words
Q1. Why this product? What were other options and why didnt she go for any other product
Backpack from Fasttrack. Worth Rs. 1350. Second time buy. Other options were Samsonite ( a store right next to fasttrack store ), Hidesign and the usual Reebok Adidas and Nike.

Q2.  How often she uses the product? Is she satisfied with the product? Regular use. Satisfied with the product. Had bought another backpack from Fasttrack last time and the esperience was satisfactory. So didn’t try any other brand this time. Doesn’t want to use it for long travel so didn’t feel the need to try Samsonite and VIP bags, known for their sturdiness and bigger size.

Q4. Will she recommend this product to others? If yes, to which sort of people? Will recommend to most young people. The Fasttrack bag comes across as ‘funky’, suitable for young people. Whereas the other products didn’t have any youth appeal (no specific design / colour scheme variations that would attract the youth.) Others priced higher.

Q. How did she come to now about this product? Any specific marketing campaigns that were used by the comapny ?

Advertisements. General visibility and spread is good in the market. So often seen other people using it. No marketing campaigns but the design, graphics and frills incorporated such that it had a separate appeal for young people.

Q. relationship with the customer.
How long? 3 years (2 product in 3 years)
How has it changed? (tried other brands first time. This time went straight for this brand. So greater loyalty has been developed on account of good product experience.) Terms – good bad mixed love hate dependency casual partners exploited exploitative good friends? Good, casual.

Q. what went wrong
Stockouts? no
Quality? no
Q3. If she wants something to be improved in this project then what it would be to serve her better?
Introduce new colour schemes. The colour schemes did not have large variation from the last time she bought it. Q What about the product itself. Any specific value adders like warranty or new concept or free coupons etc?

Usual warranty of 1 year. But that was never the priority since she doesn’t mean to use it for heavy loads. So product longevity not a concern.

Q does the product meet her expectation?

Yes. It provides the basic value she looks for. ‘funky’, ‘stylish’, ‘youthful’

Q. How is the perception of the brand/company in her mind?


Q. Has she used other products ofthe same company. If yes how much of a role did they play in the descision.

Once before. Good experience. So repeat buy.

Q. Was she unsatisfied with previous brand so she changed to the new brand.

The one she owned before switching to Fasttrack wasn’t stylish enough. Too plain and like all other products in the market.

Q what is the intrinsic value of the product in her life- the main concept

Utility as an everyday use. As well create a ‘stylish’ image. So style quotient.

Q. how does it fit in life? What role does it play?
Previous question
Q. Whats the role of the brand in this.
Good brand perception in the market in general. She had heard good reviews of fasttrack watches as well. So trusts the brand.

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