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An Assignment on the Linguistic Acquisition Device

severe child abuse she went through under the hands of her father. Question Four The symptoms she displayed of this failure after she was discovered were here severe undersize regardless of her advanced age of 13 years. She had no understanding of grammar she could only comprehend 15-20 words. Two short phrases were what consisted of her active vocabulary and hence she had complete lack of speech, not because she was selectively mute but because she lacked any type of language. Though she had considerable...

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Language Learning in Early Childhood

to speak. Most parents wouldn’t even have the means in which to explain language overtly to a child even if they wanted). In fact, parents spend the majority of time correcting falsehoods (those little white lies) rather than correcting erroneous grammars. On the mere face of it, one would think children grow-up being little lawyers seeking out truths rather than little linguists seeking out correct hypotheses to their language. Thank God, the latter indeed prevails. Children will continue to lie...

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The Poverty of Stimulus Argument and the Cognitive Revolution

argument refuted this because Chomsky stated that every sentence that a person creates is a brand new combination of words, and that the brain is capable of producing an unlimited number of sentences. He also said the fact that children develop their grammar abilities without instruction, therefore stating that children learn the rules of language, not the exact response (Pinker, p. 9, 1994). Chomsky even reviewed Skinner’s book Verbal Behavior, which was ground-breaking because it slowed down behaviorism...

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Deductive and Inductive Approach

of a deductive approach to grammar teaching. A deductive approach starts with the presentation of a rule and is followed by examples in which the rule is applied. It is also called rule-driven learning. There are several disadvantages and advantages of this approach. As for the disadvantages, starting the lesson with a grammar presentation may be off-putting for some students, especially younger ones because they may not have sufficient metalanguage such as grammar terminology, or not be able...

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Second Language Acquisition

about the language (Krashen, 1988). For example, children will obtain knowledge about the rules of grammar. In Krashen’s (1988) opinion, learning is less important than the acquisition process itself. The Monitor hypothesis examines the connections between acquisition and learning, in addition to the influence each has on one another. The purpose of monitoring comes from a direct result of learned grammar. The acquisition method is the language initiator, while the learning system performs the role...

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A reflective essay about my experience of learning second language

remember the process of the learning of my first language because it had happened completely in natural setting. Because of the lot of exposure from parents and elders it became easy for me to acquire my first language. Even without knowing the word grammar I was able to communicate in my first language with the scholars of that language at the age of three. As I lived in remote place and had very little access to technological devices. It was until the age of eight that I...

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Communicative Language Testing

Therefore, it is common to see evolution of both language teaching and language testing. There has been a shift from analytical to integrative approach in both language teaching and language testing falling into three stages: ❖ Grammar –translation ❖ Structural ❖ Communicative Approach These three generations of language teaching are seen parallel to three generations of language testing. Through this shift, new ideas about language testing and new ways...

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Background Issues in Language Learning.

need to feel that what they’re learning is personally relevant, that they have to experience learning. We know that students are far more likely to learn and remember effectively if their attention is aroused and if they can ‘cuddle’ the lexis and grammar that they meet. Learning is assisted performance, and this happens when someone with more knowledge helps the learner to progress. This help is called ‘scaffolding’; and the scaffolding is only removed when the learner is appropriate the knowledge...

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Need Help

was only added in the twentieth century). In Germany and several other European countries, English Philology, a strongly... Development And Acceptability Of Intervention Material For The Common Errors In Subject-Verb Agreement method for teaching grammar to students learning English as a second language based on real life usage. It will draw both traditional and functional grammatical published this no readsno comments Add to your reading list The Federal Republic Of Nigeria Igbo and Yoruba. The...

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Krashen Hypotheses

conscious process which results in conscious knowledge 'about' the language, for example knowledge of grammar rules. According to Krashen 'learning' is less important than 'acquisition'. The Monitor hypothesis explains the relationship between acquisition and learning and defines the influence of the latter on the former. The monitoring function is the practical result of the learned grammar. According to Krashen, the acquisition system is the utterance initiator, while the learning system performs...

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