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Consciousness Raising Grammar Tasks in an Advanced Learner Class.

consciousness-raising activities. On the 26th of October Gary introduced the grammar seminar. He introduced Thornbury’s views on grammar and we discussed what grammar is according to Thornbury. Thornbury made a point that I found quite interesting; he stated that students needed to ‘notice grammar’ (2005: 35). This started me thinking about how best to teach grammar, and how I could get the learner to ‘notice’ grammar. I mentioned that I currently have a proficiency level class. As with most other...

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Generative Grammar

FOUNDATIONS IN GENERATIVE GRAMMAR Any native speaker of a language can be said to know the grammar of his/her own language, they know how to form and interpret any expression. However, this grammatical knowledge is subconscious. Native speaker have grammatical competence in their native language. This means that they have tacit knowledge of the grammar of their own lang. We have to make a difference between competence (the fluent native speaker's tacit knowledge of his lang) and performance (what...

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Noam Chomsky's Universal Grammar

INTRODUCTION Based on the discussion of the validity of Noam Chomsky’s perception of Universal Grammar (UG), some past & current researches which maintain & contest Chomsky’s UG from different areas are represented. The essay focuses on: 1) Chomsky’s Universal Grammar in brief, in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) context; 2) Evidences supporting Chomsky’s UG - views offered by linguists such as Williams and White, etc, to provide arguments to support...

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 Teaching and learning : The effective teaching of grammar in modern foreign languages (MFL) 'One of the most misunderstood words in the English language has to be the word ‘grammar’ '(Rendall, 2006: 53). This statement stands as the ideal starting point from which to unveil a rationale for the importance of grammar in the language acquisition process and how it has been perceived in the past decades . What is grammar ? Why and how should it be taught ? These questions, as basic as...

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Can Grammar Be Taught Through Games

Can Grammar or Phonetics be taught through Games? What is Grammar? Before starting to talk about the place of games in the grammar description and whether it can contribute effectively to the mastery of a language, it is suitable here to start with a definition or two of grammar: I. Grammar is the rules of a language set out in a terminology, which is hard to remember, with many exceptions appended to each role (Rivers, 1968, p. 56). II. Grammar is the way a language...

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Child Language Acquisition: Nature or Nurture?

assistance from the environment (Garton & Pratt, 1998). To better clarify the language acquisition development, the nativists have introduced two prominent and outstanding concepts: the universality of language among all human beings, known as universal grammar (UG), and the schedule by which it is required, regardless of cultural or other environmental variations, known as the language acquisition device (LAD). A close look at the UG One of the most compelling arguments for the nativist perspective...

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Language and Mind – Spring 2013 – Second Practice Exam 1. Which of the following statements about parameters is FALSE? a. They specify the limits on possible differences between languages b. They do not belong to Universal Grammar # c. Their values must be “set” on the basis of experience 2. From the viewpoint of the principles-and-parameters theory, the process of language acquisition consists of: a. Setting the choice for each parameter that fits the language that is being acquired # b. Storing...

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CPH - language acquisition

duration of residence in the second language community is also taken into account, as is the age at the time of testing. The tests vary in what and how second language skills are being tested (Long 2005:288): pronunciation, syntax, oral telling and grammar, to name only a few. Within the scope of this paper it is not possible to give a full review of the many research-data available in the literature. DeKeyser (2000: 501-506) gives a short review, from which the following examples are taken. In 1980...

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communication are rich with meaning because they symbolise more than is superficially available in the behaviour itself.  Question 2 1 out of 1 points What is meant by Chomsky's 'universal grammar' (pick the best answer)? Selected Answer: c. All languages have grammar and all people learn the grammar of their language and humans are 'pre-wired' to learn language.  Question 3 1 out of 1 points Which of the below is an example of 'paralanguage'? Selected...

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Elt and Its Applicability in Bangladesh

complexity which could not be empirically derived. The environment is too variable and indeterminate to explain the extraordinary ability to learn complex concepts possessed by very young children. It follows that humans must be born with a universal innate grammar, which is determinate and has a highly organized directive component, and enables the language learner to ascertain and categorize language heard into a system. In this way, linguistics has provided a window into the human mind, and has established...

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