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Universal Grammar

Elbaum, Sandra. 2001. Grammar in Context 3rd ed. Boston: Heinle & Heinle Publishers. Grammar in Context by Sandra N. Elbaum is an interesting approach to teaching grammar. Elbaum encases grammar in a much more useful mantle by using real life examples of U.S. culture and history. Grammar is an important part of language, but it is technical, abstract, and boring. In order for a text to engage a student it must be interesting and relevant to their lives. I think Grammar in Context could be effective...

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Blogger’s Grammar Blues: What Really Matters

Blogger’s Grammar Blues What Really Matters To be or not to be -- that remains the question today when it comes to the subject of grammar. No, not the school subject which can be traumatic and nose-bleed-inducing but the subject of applying grammar for blog-writing. And it covers just about all levels since ordinary people write blogs, just as senators (or their writers do) and professional writers do. But often, when we mention grammar, the grammar guardians will always mean correct grammar. Someone...

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How Grammar Is Taught in Task Based Language Learning Method

How Grammar Is Taught In Task Based Language Learning Method The purpose of this essay is to investigate how grammar is taught in task based language learning method at upper secondary high school and what guidance experienced teachers have to offer. This is done by studying task based language learning method and current practice of teaching grammar at upper secondary high school .Task based language learning claims that learners discover the language system when they communicate. This claim...

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Analysis Of Nicaraguan Sign Language

words, phonemes and phrases. This generativity requires the existence of a mental grammar that can build an unlimited number of responses from a finite set of words. Chomsky also highlighted the fact that children acquire and develop these complex grammars rapidly and without formal instruction. Based on these facts, Chomsky concluded that children must be innately equipped with a Universal Grammar, common to the grammar structures of all languages that allows them to extract the syntactic patterns...

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hypothesis • Implications for teaching Second Language Learning Theories (II) • Universal Grammar • Why a Universal Grammar • What does a Universal Grammar consist of • Universal Grammar and first language acquisition • Universal Grammar and second language acquisition • Implications for teaching 6 6 4 Overview: Approaches, Methods and Techniques ELT Methods • Grammar-Translation Method • Direct Method • Audio-Lingual Method • Silent Way • Suggestopedia ...

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Language acquisition theories

at comparable grammars. UNIVERSAL GRAMMAR (U.G.) “Children are equipped with an innate template or blueprint for language and this blueprint aids the child in the task of constructing a grammar for their language.” This is known as “Innateness Hypothesis.” Chomsky says: The UG does not have the actual rules of each language but it has PRINCIPLES & PARAMETERS. The rules of language are derived from the PRINCIPLES & PARAMETERS. Principles: universal basic features of Grammar e.g.. Nouns, Verbs...

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First Language Acquisition

============================================================== Summary of Theories of First Language Acquisition Three broad theories of L1 acquisition: 1. behaviourist (e.g., Stimulus-response conditioning- Skinner) 2. innatist (e.g., Universal Grammar- Chomsky) 3. interactionist (e.g., Constructional learning- Tomasello) 1. Behaviourism Behaviourism doesn't explain learning with reference to mental activities, but with reference to physical activities. An example is the way Pavlov...

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according to the underlying principles or structures it already contains. This natural faculty has become known as the Language Acquisition Device (LAD). Limitations of Chomsky's theory Chomsky's work on language was theoretical. He was interested in grammar and much of his work consists of complex explanations of grammatical rules. He did not study real children. The theory relies on children being exposed to language but takes no account of the interaction between children and their cares. Nor does...

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How Do Humans Acquire Language?

these complex grammars rapidly and without formal instruction and grow up to give consistent interpretations to novel sentence constructions that they have never before encountered. Therefore […] children must innately be equipped with a plan common to the grammars of all languages, a Universal Grammar, that tells them how to distill synaptic patterns out of the speech of their parents. (9) His summary of Chomsky's fundamental facts about language explains the concept of Universal Grammar very clearly...

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Theories on Language Learning and Development

device, a brain mechanism that is specialised in detecting and learning the rules of language. The LAD is an inherited or innate part of the brain that is activated when language is heard. With its store of operating principles for language or the universal aspects of language, the LAD then aides the child in learning the language being heard. Physical Structures of the Brain Scientist have proven there are portions of the human brain that specialise in processing linguistic information. These areas...

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