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The Role Of Government In Industrial Relations

discussions to be “centered on how the government can assist in providing more efficient welfare for labor which will essentially reduce the possible sources of friction between labor and management.” The “new” approach suggests to achieve industrial peace through social protection and promotion of social welfare of labor. It means that, aside from acting as the arbiter of social conflict, the government should take a proactive role in reducing social and industrial conflicts by acting on its source...

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The Role of Industrial Relations

could be the first reason of causing crisis.2 On the other hands, the collusion between the government, banks, and the corporate sector is leading to trigger the crisis. Because of the misconception of industrial relation theories, where there is a good companion between the government and workers, the imperfection in financial markets will distract the productivity of capital and labor. A. Industrial Relations System in Indonesia Indonesia has experienced rapid economic growth and rising per capita...

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Industrial Relations

issues and problems associated with industrial relations, it is desirable to study its various evolutionary phases. Practically speaking, the growth of industrial relations in India is in no way different from that of other parts of the globe. The various stages of industrial relations progressed from primitive stage to factory or industrial capitalism stage. The emergence of tripartite consultative system and voluntary and statutory approach to industrial relations, immensely contributed to the...

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INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES Industrial Relations Introduction • relations which are the outcome of the employment relationship in an industrial enterprise • every industrial relations system creates a complex of rules and regulations to govern the work place and work community • main purpose: to maintain harmonious relations between labour and management by solving their problems through collective bargaining • the government/state shapes industrial relations with the help of...

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Industrial Relation

INDUSTRIAL RELATION AND LABOUR WELFARE In industrial relation and labour welfare the case studies which we play in different role that helps to identify and analysis about the trade union activities that are following in the industries. It shows different aspect such as how a trade union problems would be solved by the top management and the labours, in what ways the industries gives important to labour, what are all the procedures to be followed to manage the industrial conflicts...

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industrial relation

 Definitions Trevor Taylor (1979) defines International Relations as "a discipline, which tries to explain political activities across state boundaries". According to Ola, Joseph (1999), "International relations are the study of all forms of interactions that exist between members of separate entities or nations within the international system". Seymon Brown (1988) thus defines international relations as "the investigating and study of patterns of action and “reactions amongsovereign states...

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industrial relations

Introduction: It is the intention of this essay to critically discuss and analyse the various relevant theories related to industrial relations and changes that had taken place since 2005 in industrial relations that have impacted employment relations at the workplace and how they improved the workplace conditions. This will be carried out by exhibiting the brief history industrial relations and changes in Australia. It will provide a brief overview of Fair Work Act 2009 in comparison to the Work Choices...

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HOW COMPONENTS OF EACH OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS THAT AFFECT INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS It is common knowledge that industrial relations cannot exist in isolation as it takes place within a system comprising of factors, each of which affects all the other factors. A change in one factor will bring about a change in each of the other factors. It goes without saying therefore that certain external forces influence the industrial relations system and in turn, it also impacts on the outside environment...

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Industrial Relations in Andhra Pradesh

INTRODUCTION The world today is totally depends on industrial relations. So the researcher thought that it would be worthwhile to do a study on relationship between employees and management in the day-to-day working industry. The reason for pursuing this project is to gain more knowledge about relationships which forms an integral part of sound industries. Observing so many applications creeping up in the past decade, which involves industrial relations many companies have turned up to these sound industries...

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Aspects of Industrial Relations.

Industrial Relations or Labour Relations is an expression used not only for relationships between employers and Trade Unions, but also for those involving Government with the aim of defining policies, facing labour problems. The concept of industrial relations has a very wide meaning and connotation. In the narrow sense, it means that the employer, employee relationship confines itself to the relationship that emerges out of the day to day association of the management and the labour. In its wider...

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