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  • Essay Compare And Contrast Sparta And Athens

    Athens and Sparta were two Greek poleis that coexisted between 750-c. 500 B.C.E. (Duiker 119). Even though these two city-states were similar in a few ways‚ they were different in many more ways‚ so they didn’t particularly get along very well. Almost every aspect of their lives was different‚ from their government systems‚ to their views on men and women‚ and finally to their lasting effects on Greek history and culture. Despite their differences‚ they both influenced Greece and the Mediterranean

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  • Compare And Contrast Women In Sparta And Athens

    of Athens and Sparta were both advanced for their time‚ but differed in their idea of appropriate women’s roles. While Spartan women were relatively important to the social and political spheres‚ women in Athens were considered nothing more than breeding machines to produce men for the society’s powerful army. Aside from the fact that both groups of women were married for the sole purpose of bearing children‚ there are hardly any similarities between the treatment of women in Sparta and Athens. While

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  • Athens And Sparta's Differences Of The Ideal Citizens In Sparta

    throughout our country. In ancient Greece‚ however‚ a model citizen in Athens would be considered severally lacking in character if they were transplanted in Sparta. Ancient Greek cities‚ like Athens and Sparta‚ differed greatly in their idea of the ideal citizen in regard to government‚ occupation‚ and social relationships. Athens and Sparta had different forms of government in accordance with their values. The city of Athens was well known for its direct democratic form of government and is often

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  • What Are Athens, Athens Or Sparta To Be Better Than The Other?

    Is it possible for one of the ancient civilizations‚ Athens or Sparta to be better than the other? In modern day it is hard for a whole civilization to agree on what makes a perfect society‚ but there are ways to keep citizens happy‚ give them freedom through knowledge‚ or provide safety‚ in the case of Athens‚ and Sparta‚ two conflicting civilizations that frankly followed these approaches‚ it is hard to say which one is a better. They both excelled in their own ways‚ specifically in regards to

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  • Athens vs. Sparta - Comparative Essay Example 2

    Athens Vs. Sparta Tyler King Greece‚ a country united by its name‚ but divided by its opinions‚ was separated into many city-states. The two most authoritative states were the two that were always at war. These very distinct provinces were that of Sparta and Athens. Sparta was focused on having a perfect military‚ whereas Athens made it a point to have a perfect government for their people. Athenian daily life revolved around learning and knowledge where a Spartan male devoted his time to the

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  • Compare And Contrast Athens Government Vs Sparta Government

    Sparta’s government is better than Athens government because sparta had better leadership and organization of government. Sparta had an oligarchy government. Sparta had a system of leadership. Sparta was a strong military state and Athens . Sparta has an oligarchy government. An oligarchy government means that only a small group of people are leading the group and making decisions. Athens has a democracy. Democracy means that the people rule the country. Democracies are bad because then everybody

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  • Political Differences Between Sparta and Athens Essay Example

    POLITICAL DIFFERENCES OF SPARTA AND ATHENS Athens and Sparta were two of the most powerful and well known cities among all the Greek nations. Most would find it easier to find more similarities among these two groups of mighty people. But there are some differences between these two power houses. For instance the way that these cities were governed and their political procedures and functions were quite different from each other. One major difference between the two cities was

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  • The Attitudes in Greek Philosophy Towards Athens and Sparta Essay Example

    attitudes in Greek philosophy towards Athens and Sparta‚ as well as sympathies and actions comparable to those of Plato‚ can also be seen in the Twentieth Century. Henry Kissinger‚ President Nixon’s foreign policy adviser and later Secretary of State‚ is supposed to have remarked once‚ privately‚ that the United States was liable to lose the Cold War to the Soviet Union in the same way and for the same reasons that Athens lost the Peloponnesian War to Sparta. While America‚ presumably‚ was enervated by

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  • How Did Sparta's Decline

    opinion of Sparta depended completely upon “how often they were attacked by the Spartan army.” In other words‚ they either loved the Spartans or hated them. The cities that Sparta allied itself with enjoyed “security and protection from outside attack‚” but the cities that “were subjected to multiple invasions over the course of time” tended‚ rightfully so‚ to not look upon the Spartans so favorably (Baker).

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  • Spartan Essay Example

    would experience as they rushed at you with their sharp bronze spears. Sparta had one of the most powerful armies of their time and conquered miles upon miles of land with their legions of Spartans. No civilization could surpass the greatness of the Spartan army or navy. They were hopeless against the relentless city-state that was a huge army base. Sparta was one of the most war-sophisticated civilizations known to mankind. Sparta was a city of ancient Greece. It was located in a fertile‚ mountain

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