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  • Pericles Reflection Of Athenian Democracy

    In his eulogy delivered before the Athenians in 431-430 B.C during the Peloponnesian wars‚ Pericles states‚ “we are called a democracy‚ for the administration‚ is in the hands of many and not of the few.” In this quote‚ Pericles is communicating the idea that they are a democracy because the type of government that they have is special to them as well as very inclusive‚ unlike other governments at the time. The eulogy of Pericles should be considered accurate to a moderate extent because while on

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  • Essay On Athenian Democracy

    government are modeled after three parts of Athenian democracy. Athenian democracy implemented three institutions that ran their government. While Athenian democracy was made up of the Ekklesia‚ the Boule‚ and Dikasteria‚ American democracy is made up of the Executive‚ Legislative‚ and Judicial branch. There is a close resemblance in the Legislative and Judicial branches of American democracy and the Ekklesia‚ the Boule‚ and Dikasteria institutions of Athenian democracy. The United States House of Representatives

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  • Democracy Vs Athenian Democracy Essay

    Introduction The birth of democracy in Sparta and Athens was a long‚ painful journey‚ created by wars‚ cruel leaders‚ and heroic figures. Although many of democracy’s ideas came from Athenian government‚ it was very different from the democracy in the United States‚ for example. In general‚ wealthy aristocrats had the most power. But without the ideas that this time period created‚ who knows where we would be now. In this paper‚ I’m going to outline how democracy came to be in early Athenian and Spartan governments

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  • Athenian Democracy

    Discuss the Athenian definition of democracy. Is the city state the only kind of state in which true democracy can exist? What happens to democracy when it is applied to a society with a large dispersed population? What are other examples of democratic societies besides Athens? Compare and contrast Athenian democracy with American democracy. Is the United States a democracy in the classical sense of the word? The ancient Greek word "demokratia" was ambiguous. It met literally "people power"

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  • Athenian Democracy

    The Athenian Democracy was classified as a direct democracy which means that they were a form of government in which a group of just ordinary people make decisions. Any male citizen could make a decisions but women‚ slaves and others were not allowed and were born elsewhere. Even though it was made up of male Athenians and women didn’t have much right‚ the people in a way were all treated equally. The Athenian democracy pretty much dissolved due to numerous changes. The Athenian government was broken

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  • The Athenian Democracy

    Week 3 : The Ancient Greece Democracy in Ancient Greece was the ideal way of governing‚ since all the citizens could take part to the political life. To this day‚ Athens represents the only example of a direct democracy. The Persians have always had a very different culture from the Greek culture‚ so we can call it almost the opposite. The Persians have tried to conquer the Greek islands many times‚ but every time the Greek countries (that used to fight each other) have found the power to unite

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  • Ancient Athenian Democracy Essay

    Ancient Athens is credited with having developed one of the first democracies on this earth. The city-state’s democracy‚ which was known as a direct or radical democracy‚ was at its peak under the rule of Pericles (circa 495- 430 BC). Prior to the development of what was an extremely active democracy‚ the Athenians were under various forms of government‚ including monarchy‚ oligarchy and tyranny. Monarchy The city-states in Greece were established some time around the 9th century BC. From around

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  • The Role Of Demos In Athenian Democracy

    Athenian democracy originated and formed from the three definitions of "Demos". First of all‚ Demos is the Greek word for "village"‚ but the Greeks also used this word to translate as "People" and "Assembly". Initially‚ Demos means "Village" because it refers to the first step of democracy. The Athenians had a voting district‚ it was referred to as the "deme" and administrated the Assembly List. In order to qualify for the Assembly list‚ 18 year old males would have to prove to a political official

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Athenian Democracy

    People often refer to the United States as a democracy‚ yet if one were to ask a citizen of Athens in XXX bc how they would classify the American government structure‚ I seriously doubt that they would agree. Athens on the other hand was a democracy‚ and a successful one for a short time. However‚ no country or state wants to be successful for just a short time‚ the longing is to rule sovereign for centuries upon centuries as a great and powerful nation. Unfortunately for Athens democratic state

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  • Athenian Democracy Dbq Essay

    Was ancient Athens truly democratic? Democracy is defined as rule by the people. The Athenian government was The Ekklesia (Assembly) then The Boule (Council of 500) and then The Dikasteria (The Courts). In my opinion by all the evidence I have analyzed Athens was not a democracy. To explain what the three groups do; The Ekklesia‚ during the “Golden Age” of the ancient Athens it was the principal assembly of democracy‚ it was open to all male citizens with 2 years of military service. The Boule‚ was

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