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  • The Delian League

    Athenians to transform the Delian League into the Athenian Empire. (25 marks) There is certainty no evidence to suggest that the Athenians had any long-term plans‚ in the years 479-470 BC‚ to change the Delian League into an empire‚ although from the beginning the potential to develop into an imperial power were there. Because from the beginning‚ Athens had considerable power as she was the permanent hegemon.The most important aspects involving the transformation of League into empire was the changing

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  • Delian League

    liberated Ionian Greeks. The Athenians had a different perspective. They felt related to the Ionians‚ and in their view‚ security could only be reached when their compatriots were safe as well. Therefore‚ they continued the struggle and founded the Delian League. From the very first beginning‚ there appears to have been an element of rivalry with Sparta‚ as is suggested by the author of the Constitution of the Athenians‚ a little treatise that is (probably incorrectly) attributed to Aristotle of Stagira:

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  • Essay On Delian League

    the beginning the Delian League was to be beneficial for both Athens and her allies‚ however because of radical democracy‚ the leadership of Aristides‚ Cimon and in particular Pericles and his aggressive imperial policy Athens had transformed the Delian League into the Athenian Empire. This essay will discuss how Athens became not only a member but leader of the Delian League; it will also examine Aristides‚ Cimon and Pericles fight for the right to set the direction of the League‚ Pericles’ foreign

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  • What Were the Functions of the Delian and Peloponnesian Leagues?

    1) What were the functions of the Delian and Peloponnesian Leagues? The Delian league was set up by the Athenians for an alliance between all the Ionian Greeks so to stamp out the threat of Persia. Athens took charge because Sparta retreated into its own self-interests‚ so to only protect themselves so the Ionians looked for help among the Athenians. It was formed in 477BC at Delos (which was a neutral city). The league seemed successful because in they had some big victories such as in: 478BC Byzantium

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  • Did the Delain League Turn Into an Empire

    el * Intro: The Delian League formed in 477BCE and was an alliance of Ionian Greek states. Because Sparta was unwilling to fight against Persia‚ Athens took its place and formed the Delian League to fight against the Persians and protect the smaller islands. * In my first paragraph: The original aims of the Delian League created by Aristides were to protect the already liberated Greek city-states from Persian attack and to attack and regain losses during the Persian wars. The Athenian long-term

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  • Delian League Essay

    Delian League or confederation of Greek city-states under the leadership of Athens. The name is used to designate two distinct periods of alliance‚ the first 478–404 B.C.‚ the second 378–338 B.C. The first alliance was made between Athens and a number of Ionian states (chiefly maritime) for the purpose of prosecuting the war against Persia. All the members were given equal vote in a council established in the temple of Apollo at Delos‚ a politically neutral island‚ where the league’s treasury was

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  • The Delian League In Ancient Greece

    There were many events in Ancient Greece that were turning points in the history of Greece. The formation of the Delian League was one of them. In the following paragraphs‚ the Delian League will be explained as to what it was‚ how it was formed‚ and how it affected everyone involved throughout the time it existed (both negatively and positively). First‚ the Delian League was an agreement made between Athens‚ and the Aegean coastal regions as well as the Ionian islands as to a naval force to continue

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  • Delian League Research Paper

    that acquired empires through victories in war. The Delian League lasted less than a century and the de facto empire of provinces acquired through the Punic Wars lasted for centuries. Athens and their allies formed the Delian League which was under constant strain‚ while on the other hand‚ the Roman Republic was very successful in expanding their empire through a consistent united front politically‚ economically‚ and militarily. "The Delian League was a confederation of Greek city-states under the

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  • Athenian Imperialism and her Changing Relations with Allies

    now referred to as the ’Delian League’ or the ’Confederacy of Athens.’ The official aim of the League was‚ according to Thucydides‚ "to compensate themselves for their losses [of the Persian War] by ravaging the territory of the King of Persia." The long term aim of the League was to ensure the freedom of the Greeks and prepare them for any future wars to come. This makes the League both a defensive and offensive organisation. Athens was to become the leader of the League‚ for various reasons‚ including

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  • Pericles Building Program Paper

    Pericles’ building program. Reasons and aims for building the program. - Pericles was able to use the Delian league funds however he saw fit. The allies didn’t have say because they didn’t turn up to the conference. - To beautify Athens by restoring the temples that had been destroyed during the Persian wars. - The large scale of the buildings were to reflect the greatness of Athens. “He recognized that the city by enabling the houses of her gods would enable herself and that she could express

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