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  • Athens And Sparta

    Athens and Sparta In Ancient Greece‚ two competitive cities formed with similar beliefs but completely different lifestyles. Although‚ both Athens and Sparta shared similar religious views and permitted slavery‚ their social standards were different. Athens valued education tremendously‚ giving men a full schooling while Sparta didn’t prioritize education since they valued their military training more. Sparta held a higher social rank of women than Athens since women were free citizens

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  • athens

    Athens vs. Sparta Essay During Ancient Times‚ many civilizations emerged from darkness and became powers in a world so small that half of it hadn’t been discovered. One of these famed civilizations was the Greek Civilization. The Greek Civilization was divided into cities known as Poleis that had their own government and culture. Sparta and Athens‚ the two most important Greek city states‚ were different in government‚ society and daily life. During the Greek Civilization‚ two forms of governments

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  • Sparta Vs. Athens

    Sparta and Athens were two city-states in ancient Greece. They had many similarities and differences. One difference is that Sparta was an aggressive city state‚ but Athens was peaceful and calm. One similarity is that they both spoke Greek. Another similarity is that they were both coastal areas. Another similarity is that they both had a governing system and a good economy. They were both part of the Dark Age. The Greece Dark Age is the intermission between the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization

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  • Athens and Sparta

    Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta had many similarities and differences. They were both city-states in Greece‚ although they had very different characteristics. Athens and Sparta had different forms of government‚ economies‚ and interests. Athens was a lot more laid back and about the individual. They had artists and writers where Sparta had soldiers. Sparta was all about what was good for Sparta. Athens had one of the first Democracies. This was huge because before Democracy their

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  • Athens vs. Sparta

    Athens versus Sparta: A Comparison Athens and Sparta were the two greatest city-states in Ancient Greece. The two cities were both powerful‚ but their beliefs and development were very different. I will compare and contrast Athens and Sparta and finally make a decision on which city would be my favorite. The governments of Sparta and Athens both started as oligarchies. This meant that a few people held power. However‚ Sparta stayed that way and Athens developed into a direct

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  • Sparta And Athens Comparison

    In Ancient Greece‚ the two most essential cities were Sparta and Athens. The two cities had a diversity of cultures‚ lifestyle‚ and values‚ even though they lived in the same region. Sparta was established around 900 BCE. It is located in the Eurotoas valley of Laconia‚ southeast of Peloponnese (Sparta‚ Ancient History Encyclopedia). Ancient Sparta has a population of about 100‚000 citizens. Spartans dedicate approximately all their time to military training‚ hunting‚ war tactics‚ and even war policies

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  • Sparta Vs Athens

    city-states of Athens and Sparta and have desired to imitate features of their cultures and governments for their own. Subsequently‚ this has led to both city-states having a long lasting influence on the modern compositions of many world governments. This paper will briefly delve into the governmental structures and who could participate in the governmental process in the ancient city-states and will conclude with the author’s opinion on their lasting influence. The Governments of Athens and Sparta

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  • Athens vs Sparta

    Athens which is in southern Europe is one of the oldest cities in Ancient Greece. It is believed to have been established in the end of the fourth millennium BC. The name Athens is derived from ancient Greek goddess Athena. Sparta is said to have been founded by Lacedaemon the son of Zeus and Taygete who married Sparta the daughter of Eurotas. Sparta was a city that was on the banks of the River Eurotas in ancient Greece. In the next few paragraph I will compare and contrast a few things between

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  • Golden Age Of Athens

    The Golden Age of Athens was a time period when Athens reached its height of influential capacity and success. The Golden Age started around 480 BC to about 404 BC in the Polis of Athens. Just getting out of the Persian Wars‚ there was much advancement especially within architecture‚ literature‚ art‚ and philosophy which have been brought through time and which was highly important to Greeks. Two examples that show how important this period was and still influences life today are the Parthenon and

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  • Geography Of Athens Essay

    Athens is the capital of Greece. The city is strategically located in the prefecture of Attica and stretches to the peninsula. Athens is surrounded by Pendeli‚ Ymmytos‚ Parnitha‚ eastwards‚ northwards‚ and the Saronic gulf westwards and southwards. Notably‚ Athens was once known for traffic‚ smog‚ and tacky architecture. Its ultimate bloom was in the 5th century when civilization and moral values surpassed limits of the city and to become the most important area of western civilization. As the world’s

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