Athens And Sparta

Topics: Sparta, Slavery, Ancient Greece Pages: 4 (570 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Athens and Sparta

In Ancient Greece, two competitive cities formed with similar beliefs but completely different lifestyles. Although, both Athens and Sparta shared similar religious views and permitted slavery, their social standards were different. Athens valued education tremendously, giving men a full schooling while Sparta didn’t prioritize education since they valued their military training more. Sparta held a higher social rank of women than Athens since women were free citizens unlike in Sparta where they were not. While there are many differences that distinguish Athens and Sparta, both share a few resemblances. To start with, Athens and Sparta shared the same religion of Polytheism. Despite Athens having Athena as their main God who was adulated more profoundly than the other Gods. As well as with Sparta, they believed more heavily in Heracles because Sparta believed he was their founder. Both worshiped all the Greek Gods, some were just more important for Athens and Sparta. In addition to religion, both Athens and Sparta shared the comparison of allowing slavery. Though Athens was a democracy, half of their population were slaves. It is projected that the vast majority of Athenians owned at least one slave. Sparta’s populace of slaves was more than 10 times the populace of Sparta’s citizens. The reason for Sparta’s ridiculous number of slaves is based that the slaves (or helots as Spartans called them) were essential to Sparta’s food production because the slaves handled it all. Regardless of Athens and Sparta sharing many similarities they also share many differences in their lifestyles since both developed separately from one another. To start with, Athens prioritized education more than Sparta. Schooling was taken very seriously in Athens as men were taught in philosophy, math, science and more. Poetry, music and drama was also greatly appreciated in their instruction. A good education was the key to Athens success in Greek...
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