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POLITICS, ECONOMY AND BUSINESS IN GREECE POLITICAL STRUCTURE Greece is fundamentally a Parliamentary state with President as the Head of state. The president is elected by the parliament for a period of 5 years. Powers of President mostly include ceremonious duties like declaration on war, signing peace treaties etc. The members of parliament are elected through general elections held every four years or earlier if the previous parliament is dissolved. Prime Minister (PM), head of government...

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Geography of Greece

Geography of Greece Name: Brandon Clarke Teacher: Ms.Harry Class/Period:10M/Period 1 Due Date:11/13/12 Outline I. Have you ever seen an country that’s is so interesting that you actually studied it? Well, this is the study of the country’s geography. Many different characteristics interacts with the geography of this country. For example, one characteristics can be the country’s natural features and resources. II. Physical Geography a.Greece is located in Southeastern Europe...

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Roman Greece

Roman Greece is the period of Greek history (of Greece proper; as opposed to the other centers of Hellenism in the Roman world) following the Roman victory over the Corinthians at the Battle of Corinth in 146 BC until the reestablishment of the city of Byzantium and the naming of the city by the Emperor Constantine as the capital of the Roman Empire (as Nova Roma, laterConstantinople) in 330 AD. The Greek peninsula came under Roman rule in 146 BC, Macedonia being a Roman province, while southern...

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Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece Santorini is located in the Aegean Sea and is Greece's largest volcanic Cyclades Island. Essentially the remnants of a massive volcanic eruption and outbreak of earthquakes, Santorini is the world's only inhabited caldera. Since then, now crescent shaped, Santorini has been a major contender in the tourism industry by drawing hundreds of new travelers to visit each year. Voted "Best Island" for 2011 by Travel and Leisure Magazine, Santorini is best known for its pristine...

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Financial Crisis in Greece

CRISIS IN GREECE Cuyco, Alvin Jason C. FINTMED K31 Enter the economy of euro zone member, Greece. Once considered as a financially stable country, Greece is now on the edge of having a financial default. With a debt total amounting to an estimated $420 billion, experts say that this debt would have been bigger that the country’s economy itself and this debt is predicted to increase as time goes by because Greece spends 12% more than it gets revenues. So what’s exactly went wrong with Greece and...

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Greece is Sinking: Will They Drown the EU?

Bailouts c. The Flaws of the European Union i. The euro ii. Policy constraints iii. Integration 3. Conclusion a. My viewpoint i. The cracks must be fixed Greece is Sinking: Will They Drown the EU? Introduction Over the past few years, it seems that one cannot turn on the news without seeing something about Greece and its collapsing economy. It may have a high standard of living, but it has never had a top-tier economy and this was brought to the attention of the entire world in...

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Compare and Contrast Greece and Rome

Contrast of Rome and Greece Political Developments Roman and Greece empires governments were similar in ways but differed in others. While both Romans and Greeks started as mere city states they went off in different directions with there civilizations politically. They also both had democracies but in different forms. They each had there own way of government and had different military styles, largely because of their location, which is also why Rome was more centralized and Greece was more dispersed...

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Homosexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome

Homosexuality in ancient Greece and Rome Americans endlessly recycle the old conflicts: "first we fought about slavery, then segregation, then gender, and now sexual orientation"-(Anon). Homosexuality is an on-going conflict in America, as well as other countries. The history of homosexuality goes back to the ancient civilizations. As we have different ideas and ways of "dealing" with it, so did the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Ancient Greece is considered as being...

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Country Study: Greece

 Greece The country of Greece is one of the oldest in the world, ranging back to 3,000 B.C. when inhabitants settled in its lands; the ancient Greek language dates back even older by 500 years, in which the modern Greek language evolved from. Greece shaped the ancient and modern worlds as we know it, especially in the context of western civilization and thought, and with a direct impact on the governing concept of democracy. This paper will explore an outline of Greek history, its people...

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Greece - Debt Crisis

Unrestrained spending of successive Greek governments over a long period may have driven the country’s budget and current account deficits.2 Greece borrowed heavily from international capital markets to finance public sector jobs, pensions and other social benefits.3 As deficits and the country’s debt burden grew, the governments just kept on borrowing. 4 When Greece joined the eurozone in 2001, it gained monetary stability and was able to borrow at lower interest rates – thus, encouraging the country’s...

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