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POLITICS, ECONOMY AND BUSINESS IN GREECE POLITICAL STRUCTURE Greece is fundamentally a Parliamentary state with President as the Head of state. The president is elected by the parliament for a period of 5 years. Powers of President mostly include ceremonious duties like declaration on war, signing peace treaties etc. The members of parliament are elected through general elections held every four years or earlier if the previous parliament is dissolved. Prime Minister (PM), head of government...

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Geography of Greece

Geography of Greece Name: Brandon Clarke Teacher: Ms.Harry Class/Period:10M/Period 1 Due Date:11/13/12 Outline I. Have you ever seen an country that’s is so interesting that you actually studied it? Well, this is the study of the country’s geography. Many different characteristics interacts with the geography of this country. For example, one characteristics can be the country’s natural features and resources. II. Physical Geography a.Greece is located in Southeastern Europe...

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Roman Greece

Roman Greece is the period of Greek history (of Greece proper; as opposed to the other centers of Hellenism in the Roman world) following the Roman victory over the Corinthians at the Battle of Corinth in 146 BC until the reestablishment of the city of Byzantium and the naming of the city by the Emperor Constantine as the capital of the Roman Empire (as Nova Roma, laterConstantinople) in 330 AD. The Greek peninsula came under Roman rule in 146 BC, Macedonia being a Roman province, while southern...

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Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece Santorini is located in the Aegean Sea and is Greece's largest volcanic Cyclades Island. Essentially the remnants of a massive volcanic eruption and outbreak of earthquakes, Santorini is the world's only inhabited caldera. Since then, now crescent shaped, Santorini has been a major contender in the tourism industry by drawing hundreds of new travelers to visit each year. Voted "Best Island" for 2011 by Travel and Leisure Magazine, Santorini is best known for its pristine...

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Greece is Sinking: Will They Drown the EU?

Bailouts c. The Flaws of the European Union i. The euro ii. Policy constraints iii. Integration 3. Conclusion a. My viewpoint i. The cracks must be fixed Greece is Sinking: Will They Drown the EU? Introduction Over the past few years, it seems that one cannot turn on the news without seeing something about Greece and its collapsing economy. It may have a high standard of living, but it has never had a top-tier economy and this was brought to the attention of the entire world in...

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Current Issues in Greece

Kevin Rooney Professor McCarthy Comparative Politics October 7, 2012 Current Issues in Greece Greece is a country with a very rich history of tradition, from the gods of ancient Greece, to the beautiful landscape in the Mediterranean, all the way to the development of Democracy. The Greek political system is similar to the United States but also different in many ways. The government type is a parliamentary representative democratic republic. The prime minister is the head of...

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History of Media in Greece

The country of Greece has, historically, been one of the most advanced and influential civilizations for humanity. Its scholars, astronomers, philosophers, architects, and artists have transformed the world and are still prevalent and admired today. From the Ancient Greek empires, to its ahead-of-its-time military force, to its artwork and architecture, Greece has paved the way for many of the things we see around us. While most of the time the media’s representation of a country or culture is historically...

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Homosexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome

Homosexuality in ancient Greece and Rome Americans endlessly recycle the old conflicts: "first we fought about slavery, then segregation, then gender, and now sexual orientation"-(Anon). Homosexuality is an on-going conflict in America, as well as other countries. The history of homosexuality goes back to the ancient civilizations. As we have different ideas and ways of "dealing" with it, so did the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Ancient Greece is considered as being...

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Greece in the Imagination of Western Authors

Greece in the Imagination of Western Authors The Island Fantasy The male fantasy of being deserted on an island inhabited predominantly by women, old men and children is explored thoroughly in both Mediterraneo and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. The gendered roles assigned to the invading soldiers as the strong male occupiers of a surprisingly feminized portrayal of the subjugated island are the crux of both the narratives. In both Mediterraneo and Corelli’s Mandolin the respective Greek Islands...

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Country Study: Greece

 Greece The country of Greece is one of the oldest in the world, ranging back to 3,000 B.C. when inhabitants settled in its lands; the ancient Greek language dates back even older by 500 years, in which the modern Greek language evolved from. Greece shaped the ancient and modern worlds as we know it, especially in the context of western civilization and thought, and with a direct impact on the governing concept of democracy. This paper will explore an outline of Greek history, its people...

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Ancient Greece and the Reformation

Response Paper 1: Topic 1 Ancient Greece began when they started to emerge from the Dark Ages. The Reformation era of Europe began when Martin Luther published the 95 Thesis in the 16th century. From the early Greeks to the Reformation era of Europe, the difference of distance and millennia conveyed a significant distinction in the practice of religion. Indicative are how religion, politics, and society were entwined and how that led to conflicts; next, the physical practice of ceremonies; and...

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Greece - Debt Crisis

Unrestrained spending of successive Greek governments over a long period may have driven the country’s budget and current account deficits.2 Greece borrowed heavily from international capital markets to finance public sector jobs, pensions and other social benefits.3 As deficits and the country’s debt burden grew, the governments just kept on borrowing. 4 When Greece joined the eurozone in 2001, it gained monetary stability and was able to borrow at lower interest rates – thus, encouraging the country’s...

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Dbq - Greece

Contributions from ancient Greece are still influencing our society today. The ancient Greeks improved our society with great inventions, ideas, and contributions to Western civilization. The Greeks’ contributions to Western civilization have shaped our society to be what it is today. Throughout the world, societies have been fashioned differently than the society would be if the Greeks had never existed because of the Greeks’ numerous contributions. However, the most distinct contributions to Western...

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Greece The Greek peninsula has been culturally linked with the Aegean Islands, and the west coast of Asia Minor since the Neolithic Age. The numerous natural harbors and close-lying islands lead to a unified, maritime civilization. However cultural unity did not produce political unity. Mountain ranges and deep valleys separated the peninsula into small economic and political units. Constant feuding between cities and surrounding empires for political power made Greece the sight...

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Greece today is very different from what it was centuries ago. The beliefs are the same and the Gods who once ruled still live among in myths and tales told from generation to generation. Ancient Greece made many influential contributions to western civilization such as in the areas of philosophy, art, architecture, math and science. All of the achievements that ancient Greece has made was done simultaneously while fighting two wars, the Peloponnesian war and the Persian war. Greek...

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Greece and Persia

Greece and Persia Persia and Greece were beautiful and prosperous empires, the most influential of their time. Over the years the two empires have had many conflicts and rivalry dating back to before the Christ era. However at the same time, each city had great influence on one another in some way. Greece and Persia have many similarities in their political and economic organization along with differences. Before Persia became known as the largest empire in the world in its time period they were...

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Compare and Contrast Between Greece and Italy

in Western Europe. Likewise, Greece has played an important role in influencing today’s cultural and political systems. It borders countries such as Albanians and Turkey and lies in South Eastern Europe. It lies in a geopolitical strategic place at the tip of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It shares a rich culture that has seen it referred to as the cradle and source of modern civilization. It is this rich culture that has played a great role in shaping the modern Greece evidenced today. The focus...

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Ancient China Versus Ancient Greece

Ancient China Versus Ancient Greece Ancient China and Ancient Greece were two vastly different civilizations with different cultures; they shared a multitude of similar political, economic, and philosophical achievements while also inholding multiple differences. The centralized government of China differed from the independent city-states of Athens. A similarity that both civilizations held in regards to politics would be the role, or lack thereof one, that women played within their respective...

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece The Greeks become one people Greek myths Pandora’s Box In ancient Greece they had myths about gods in one of them Zeus asked Hephaestus to make him a daughter. They made her out of clay. Hephaestus made a beautiful woman named Pandora. Zeus sent Pandora to earth so she could marry Epimetheus. Zeus wanted Pandora to marry Epimetheus so he could get even. One of the brothers, Prometheus gave people fire without asking Zeus for permission. Zeus sent Pandora to earth with a box. The...

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Ancient Greece Location

Ancient Greece Location: Ancient Greece is a civilization belonging to a period of Greek history that lasted from the Archaic period of the 8th to 6th centuries BC to the end of antiquity (ca. 600 AD). Immediately following this period was the beginning of the Early Middle Ages and the Byzantine era. Included in Ancient Greece is the period of Classical Greece, which flourished during the 5th to 4th centuries BC. Classical Greece began with the repelling of a Persian invasion by Athenian leadership...

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Victory of Greece in the Greco-Persian Wars

and stockpiling supplies from every corner of his empire. The resulting host amounted to a colossal cosmopolitan army of armies." His army was so immense that it was very possible that he did not expect to have to engage in any major battles in Greece. He assumed that upon sight of his magnificent army that city after city would agree to surrender rather than meet sure destruction. He sent messengers ahead of him to Greek city's and commanded them to surrender or be annihilated except for Athens...

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Climate and Food of Greece

Climate GREEK CLIMATE Greece has a climate all its own. Greece has fairly warm temperatures all year round and is very nice to live in…well according to the climate. Greece is located in Europe, next to Italy, on the Mediterranean Sea. It is theoretically possible for it to snow in Greece, but it is very, very rare to see. Though it may seem like a nice place to live with it being warm and on the ocean and all But Greece is surprisingly very dry due to its long summers of 4 ...

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Ancient Greece: Arts and Architecture

Ancient Greece 3000 BCE was the start of one great civilization which became known as ancient Greece. Throughout the years there have been many cultures to adopt the many accomplishments that the Greeks have made. This civilization had many accomplishments such as those in art, architecture, sports, government, and education. One accomplishment that the Greeks have made has to do with the art. Arts and architecture had become a way of living for ancient Greece. Because Grecian life was dominated...

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Classical Greece And Hellenistic Greece

 Classical Greece and Hellenistic Greece have a lot of differences. They have differences in time as the classical Greek, or, Hellenic period was the time before the death of Alexander The Great. Some of them are the studies of philosophy, literature, art, science, and religion. As a result of Alexander's campaigns, the Greek world was forever changed after his death in 323 BCE. Alexander's campaigns had brought the Greeks into contact with a number of Asian cultures, and Alexander had wanted...

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Critically discuss whether Germany or Greece should leave the European Union.

Critically discuss whether Germany or Greece should leave the European Union. In the very first part of my assignment I will briefly introduce you to the history of the European Union, and then in a few words I will observe the pros and cons for the EU. In the main section of my coursework I will critically discuss whether Germany or Greece should leave the EU.As a conclusion, I will try to draw everything together and briefly sum up my arguments. After the World War II the countries in Europe...

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Colonisation in Archaic Greece

Colonization and Maritime Navigation COLONISATION As Greece is comprised of many islands, the sea has always played an important role in its history. Colonization of surrounding areas began during the Geometric Period (900-700 BCE), and continued throughout Archaic and Classical Greece. Starting around 700-600 BCE the more powerful Greek city states gradually began establishing colonies, first in the Mediterranean, and then all the way from western Asia Minor, to southern Italy, Sicily, North...

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Multiple Choice Questions on Greece

superhuman and immortal, but otherwise anthropomorphic. d. role models of wisdom and morality. e. purely fictitious, as the Greeks relied on natural philosophy. Wh 5. What grew well in the dry environment of Greece? a. Wheat, barley, and oats b. Melons, figs, and dates c. Barley, dates, and grapes d. Grapes, dates, and jujubes e. Olive trees, grape vines, and barley 6. 7. 8. 9. An o 10. Oligarchy...

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Ancient Greece and Rome

Greek → geographic identity - See human habitation in Greece sometime between 10,00 BC - Neolithic society, stone age. • Stone stools, small tribal groups - Worship female earth goddesses - 3000BC, fire and the development of copper and tin together, to work bronze (a hard metal that can hold an edge) - The people then make a huge leap forward, abounded there stone stools - Bronze really helps begin their history proper - Sumer, Mesopotamia → along major trading routes - Because...

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Homosexuality in Ancient Greece

Ralph Setton ENG 2100 Muscles, Testosterone, Physique, OH MY! Homosexuality and its Roots in Ancient Greece When one imagines an Ancient Greek warrior, one envisions a manly, brave, honorable brute. We wouldn’t necessarily assume that there would be homosexual tendencies within a society defined by virility, bravery, and honor. Yet there is undeniable proof that Ancient Greek warriors did in fact believe in, endorse, and partake in homosexual relationships. Although we would expect there...

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Compare and Contrast Greece and Rome

Compare/Contrast Compare/Contrast Greece & Rome Compare/Contrast Page 1 “And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.” Homer “Wherever the fates lead us let us follow.” Virgil Not all roads lead to it and it most...

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Ancient Greece Mythology

Ancient Greece The ancient Greek myths have gone down in history as some of the most popular religious beliefs. This strong belief in religion unified Greece, making it and strong and prosperous nation. Ancient Greece can be traced back to the early stone ages. It has been divided up into different time periods. Each period signifies special events and important advancements, which provided the basis for how we live today. Greece was not always one united country, Instead it was made up of...

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Development of the Polis in Archaic Greece

 Development of the Polis Extended Response The polis first originated in Greece, which was built by the people who had colonised in Greece. This was all during the archaic period which was c. 8th and 9th century in 800-500BC. The Hellenes (the Greeks) of Archaic Greece had extensive knowledge on how to make a working successful city-state. The Hellenes settled into many places or “city-states” which later on became known as, Athens, Sparta, Thebes, Corinth, etc. Many city-states were...

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Analysis of the Isles of Greece

Isles of Greece by a Greek student: |[pic] | |The Greek flag. | Lord Byron is considered a national hero in my home country of Greece. Byron was captivated by the Greek struggle for independence and eventually moved to Greece and took part in the campaign. Byron battled along side the Greeks and eventually died in Messolongi while still actively participating in the revolution. In ‘The Isles of Greece’ he writes...

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HIS 301 Greece Research Paper

 Alexander The Great: Conqueror and Legacy of Ancient Greece Devin Dimattia HIS 301 Greece Research Paper All throughout Ancient Greece, there were many great influential legacies. Some were philosophers, such as Aristotle and Plato, and some were mathematicians, like Archimedes. However, there was Alexander the Great, who became king of Macedonia and was one of the most successful military commanders in history since he sustained abundant accomplishments. He was undefeated...

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Ancient Greece and Its Influence on Western Society

it is argued to have begun around 1000 BCE), during this time they invented many technologies and refined old technologies. These things are what caused the ancient Greek culture to be such a powerful influence on western society today. Ancient Greece was known for its philosophers and mathematicians. The Greeks were very interested in science as a way of organizing the world and making order out of chaos, and having power over some very powerful things like oceans and weather. By the 400's BC...

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Ancient Greece

ancient Greece there were separate gender roles. Women were expected to act a certain way. They had many limitations in their life. How they were supposed to act was regulated by Greek men. Euripides creates a tragedy that has a positive tone through its main character Alcestis. Alcestis is shown as a perfect submissive wife capable of making tremendous personal sacrifices. She is seen as a positive force, more so than real Greek women were. Euripides was a play writer in ancient Greece. He was...

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Influence of Religion on Ancient Greece

is now a choice as to whether or not people want to believe that a god exists at all. For the average person in modern times, there is no sacrificing, no asking god/s for permission to do everyday things in life as there was back then. In Ancient Greece, in complete contrast to modern times, the gods had a great influence on the practice of the law. In modern times, the only influence that religion has on law is that anyone speaking in court must swear on the Bible that they will tell the truth....

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Individuality in Ancient Greece

themselves in relation to the other members of society and their respective leaders. It also provides an understanding of how those perceptions affected the society as a whole and determined its eventual fate. Individuality was revered in Ancient Greece. As part of the culture, each individual saw himself as a contributing, yet autonomous member of society. The Bust of Pericles depicts the Athenian leader as an everyman. True, the piece is classical in nature and therefore does not show any physical...

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The Financial Greek Crisis

 The Financial Greek Crisis Gunnar MacDougall Macroeconomics Greece has gained a lot of unwanted publicity in the past few years by being at the center of the economic crisis in the Eurozone. In 2009, Greece announced that for years they had been understating their deficit figures. It is all speculation on why Greece had been trying to hide its deficit figures, but it is pretty obvious that no country wants to announce that are doing extremely poorly. In response to Greece’s release of...

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The Influence of Ancient Greece on Western Civilization

influenced society with their democratic government “which stands out as the most widely used form of government in history” (Knox 86-87). Unlike other nations of their time, Greece was normally comfortable with a freedom of discussion that such authors as Homer and Hesiod alluded to in various works (Cahill 63). Gradually Greece changed from monarchic rule of successive kings to aristocratic rule of groups chosen by leading families to democratic rule of leaders voted on by all freeborn male citizens...

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Travel and Tourism Unit 7 P4

one developing (Greece) in the European travel market. Developing destination: Greece Greece is also known as Hellenic Republic, the first country in Europe to advance civilization, Greece is one of the most visited country in Europe locate in southern Europe near Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Rep. Macedonia. Greece is the home of the Olympic Game; Olympic game is popular in Greece, also across the world. People love to travel there because of the sport facilities; in 2004 Greece hosted the EUFA...

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Greek Crisis

American Life). Greece was a country that originally did not meet the requirements of joining the new unified currency. However, they were admitted into this new exclusive group. When European statistical service created graphs and charts on inflation rates, Greece’s point would be on an insert, because their inflation rate would surpass the chart (Ibid). Since Greece did not meet the requirements, the country began campaigning to join what seemed to be a golden opportunity. Greece began forging...

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The Hellenic Republic

Student Professor Robert Bookmiller Ph.D. Government and Politics of the Middle East-Govt 323 June 4, 2012 Assignment for Module Four – The Hellenic Republic (Greece) 1. How did Greek nationalism develop in the 19th century? What are some of the various periods of conflict between Greece and the Ottoman Empire/Republic of Turkey which may have contributed to furthering a sense of Greek nationalism? At the end of the 18th century as the Ottoman Empire declines in power, Greek outlaw...

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Ancient Greece Contributions To Western Civilizaiton DBQ

thinking and how people should go about life. The Greeks introduced architecture and new artistic elements as well. The ancient Greeks contributed to and impacted the Western Civilization greatly in order to shape it to what it has become today. Greece is well known for introducing a revolutionary form of government known as democracy. Democracy is when the majority of the people in an area choose what laws are passed, how the city should be run, and other important decisions. The Greeks chose leaders...

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Greece’s Economic Turmoil and the Global Economy

globalization. Over the past ten years, Greece had been on a debt spree that came to an abrupt halt in late 2009. This unsustainable expenditure in social entitlements provoked an economic crisis that had destroyed the country’s economy, brought down its governing body, unleashed increasing unrest in the populace and greatly endangered the future of the euro. Greece’s debt issues can be traced back to years of spending that the government did not recuperate in taxes. Greece was borrowing from banks worldwide...

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Euro Crisis- What Went Wrong in the Eurozone?

more than they were earning. Many countries such as Spain, Ireland, Portugal, UK and worst hit was Greece have plummeted into debt gradually since then, and if lenders do not believe that countries can pay back their debts interest rates will begin to soar and borrowing will become unaffordable, which they did and continue doing. As this happened these countries had to ask for emergency loans, as Greece were worst hit, the debts they could not pay back not only affected their country itself but also...

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Greek Crisis

Greece Crisis: Analysis, Learnings and Takeaways Greece Crisis: Analysis, Learnings and Takeaways PGP28303 Aakanksha Sharma PGP28300 Abhishek Sivaraman PGP28302 Sandeep K. Singh PGP28301 Upasana Rustagi PGP28303 Aakanksha Sharma PGP28300 Abhishek Sivaraman PGP28302 Sandeep K. Singh PGP28301 Upasana Rustagi Contents Greek Crisis: Background 2 Greek Crisis: Consequences of sub-prime 3 Greek Crisis: Troika steps in 3 Should Greece leave the Euro Area? 4 Alternatives 5 Key...

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Sample Business Plan

It introduces an exquisite type of Greek Cuisine in the Philippines. It offers a Greek traditional way of fine dining, where customers can enjoy the customs of Greece like being introduced to the Greek superstitions, traditions, and holidays. The Bistro’s color scheme is blue and white since it’s the color of the national flag of Greece. Its advantage is the specialty dishes that are Greek inspired, as well as the fresh ingredients. D. Project Objective • To introduce a new...

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The Athenian Democracy

Week 3 : The Ancient Greece Democracy in Ancient Greece was the ideal way of governing, since all the citizens could take part to the political life. To this day, Athens represents the only example of a direct democracy. The Persians have always had a very different culture from the Greek culture, so we can call it almost the opposite. The Persians have tried to conquer the Greek islands many times, but every time the Greek countries (that used to fight each other) have found the power to unite...

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Europe's Debt Crisis

sovereign debt crisis was caused mainly by European governments overspending for the last decade, particularly after the 2008 financial crisis. In the first years of the euro, the interest rates for bonds from countries such as Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain were reduced and they were almost the same as for stronger European countries such as Germany. These lower rates were facilitated by the European Central Bank, because an implicit guarantee existed that in the event of trouble the strong...

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Greek Independence

countries including Russia and France took sides with Greece during this fight as they felt close and connected with their culture. A nine year war was fought which eventually resulted in the Greeks gaining independence from the Turks. During this time, the Greeks had to maintain high morale and a strong disposition to be as successful as they were in the end. The circumstances they were under were difficult and harsh. Many people felt as though Greece deserved to break away from the Ottoman Empire, but...

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The Second Balkan War of 1913

The Second Balkan War Of 1913 The Second Balkan War was fought in 1913 between Bulgaria on one side and its First Balkan War allies Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro on the other side, with Romania and the Ottoman Empire intervening against Bulgaria. The outcome turned Serbia, an ally of the Russian Empire, into an important regional power, alarming Austria-Hungary and with that, unknowingly providing an important cause for World War I. The Second Balkan war broke due to when The Treaty of London...

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Purpose: Fixing the debt crisis in Greece. Introduction: Central Idea: American officials exhorted their European counterparts to use Europe’s own resources to try to solve the crisis. Preview: Echoing past statements, Sarkozy and Merkel said banks should first raise money from the private sector before seeking state aid or money from the EU bailout fund. "These issues must all be resolved," Merkel said. "It's a painful process." Sarkozy stressed that the leaders are fully aware of their...

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European Debt Crisis

members of the Executive Board of the ECB were appointed. Our story begins two years later, when Greece becomes accepted as the 12th member of the eurozone countries. In the recent past, a number of EU members, including Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Belgium, shook the global financial markets with their sovereign debt crisis. In this paper, we will primarily focus on financial crisis in Greece, discussing the current situation and exploring the root causes of the crisis. Moving along, we...

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To what extent was The League (of Nations) a success?

Islands where once the League had studied the situation the islands were given to Sweden and Finland accepted this without conflict. There was one more dispute between Greece and Bulgaria after an incident, which had happened on the border where some Greek soldiers were killed, the League had condemned Greece’s action and demanded that Greece pay compensation to Bulgaria. Although the League had many successes with territorial disputes, it also had failures such as the Vilna incident in 1920 which was...

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Greek and Roman Influences on the 21st Century

sturdy and unadorned. Doric columns have no base and rise from the floor of the building. There’s a capital that forms at the top of the columns; and it consists of two sections the Echinus and the Abacus. This method was used mostly in mainland Greece and southern Italy (Wesley, 2010). Today you can look out of your bedroom window and see Doric columns used on a porch of a house. You can also find the Doric order on many important buildings. For instance, the Doric columns of the Lincoln Memorial...

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Elgin Marbles Opinion

must be a global phenomenon that has been impacting generation upon generation. All the way from the Elgin Marbles of Ancient Greece to the pencil that dropped in the hallway in my first class, people seem to fight over what is “fair” when they want something that they once had in their possession. For this case, I don’t really know what the correct answer is. Should Greece be able to have their possession back? Should British Museums be sorry that they secured the pieces many years ago? Can we compare...

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 Lesson 3: CIVILIZATIONS OF THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST ESSAY 1: MINOAN AND MYCENEAN INFLUENCE ON ANCIENT GREECE HIST 119 While the masses of the ancient Near East endowed us with civilization, the Greeks supplied it with forms and meanings that compel us to look to them as the ancestors of our own culture, Western Civilization. Greek ability and vitality spread in diverse courses. Notable portions of our math and science bases plus the concept of scientific research and the procuring of knowledge...

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Essay about Aristotle

Aristotle Life Aristotle was born in the year 384 B.C in Stagira, Greece. Aristotle’s father was a court physician to a Macedonian king. Aristotle would the Macedonian influence for the rest of his life and will keep strong connections the Macedonian court. When Aristotle was 17 he was sent to Athens for a better education where he then attended Plato’s Academy, the finest school in Athens. Aristotle created a very close relationship with Plato and his academy. Aristotle did...

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Women of Ancient Greece

Women of Ancient Greece In ancient Greece, women endured many difficulties and hardships. They struggled to exist. It wasn't just a struggle to be equal to men, but even to be seen was unheard of. Some women married, some had demeaning jobs, and others were slaves. Their role in society was essential, no matter how poorly they were treated. Females were given little voice, if any, in major decisions. Greek women had very limited freedom outside the home. Marriage was considered one of the...

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