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  • Sculpture

    Gangelhoff‚ Bonnie “A Passion for Creatures.” Southwest Art pp. 64-67‚ September 2010 SCULPTURE Summary: 1. This article is about the Society of Animal Artists that was first formed in the 1960’s and how large the society is today. Being a part of the Society of Animal Artists is comparable to being a member of Who’s Who of the world’s top wildlife artists. 2. Patricia Allen Bott was the founder of the Society of Animal Artists in the 1960’s. The group started out very small with

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  • Sculpture in Art

    Sculpture in art refers to a branch of visual arts that involves the three dimensional depiction of art forms. According to Wikipedia‚ sculpture is one of the plastic arts‚ that is‚ arts which involve the physical manipulation of plastic mediums such as clay or plaster. Sculpture originally referred to the addition of material‚ that is modelling and the removal of material‚ that is carving‚ but the reduction in the distinction of the various art forms coupled with modernism has changed what might

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  • Greek Sculpture

    Art History 110 E & F Greek Sculpture‚ Idealism‚ & Realism Essay Assignment What were the different phases of ancient Greek Art? There were many phases from the 16th century‚ until the Greeks were defeat at the hand of the Romans in 31 BC. Mycenaean Art occurred from roughly 1550 to 1200 BC on the Greek mainland. Although the Mycenaean and Greek cultures were two separate entities‚ they occupied the same lands‚ successively. The Mycenaean learned a few things from the Greeks

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  • History of Sculpture

    2013 History of Sculpture The history of sculpting has existed since the prehistoric age‚ the earliest artists used of materials such as ivory and clay. Many people think of the Egyptians or the Greeks as the original creators of sculpture. It is commonly known that the ancient Egyptians formed a number of sculptures developed for purely aesthetic reasons. The early Egyptians created monuments of Sphinxes and Pharaohs‚ some of which are still currently in existence. Sculpture has frequently been

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  • The Art of Sculpture

    The Art of Sculpture Long before man could record history‚ people were sculpting free standing figures out of bones rocks and other objects. It is said that sculpting is the art of the people‚ and it is a more powerful art than literature and painting because it can be touched and felt. When a sculpture is in a gallery our attention is sustained by an intensified visual engagement. This is what makes its fixed shape come alive in the viewer’s eyes. Before the 20th century‚ sculpture was considered

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  • Renaissance Sculpture

    Assignment #1‚ Option 2: Sculpture of the Renaissance A time of extraordinary beauty in the field of art was the period known as High Renaissance. There was a growing trend towards realism‚ and artists of the time aspired to achieve beauty‚ harmony and naturalism in their work. These qualities began to revolve around a movement called humanism‚ which was a philosophical school of thought that attached more importance to humans and less to God. In this respect‚ sculpture became so incredibly lifelike

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  • Egyptian Sculptures

    Allison Bell HUM 302 October 21‚ 2012 Egyptian Art and Sculptures Ancient Egyptian art is the painting‚ sculpture‚ architecture and other arts produced by the civilization in the lower Nile Valley from 5000 BC to 300 AD. Ancient Egyptian Art reached a level in painting and sculpting that was highly stylistic and symbolic. A lot of the art that was discovered and saved came from tombs and monuments therefore there is an extreme emphasis on life after death and an emphasis on preserving the

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  • Indian Painting and Sculpture

    Painting and Sculpture Introduction Indian painting has a very long tradition and history in Indian art. The earliest Indian paintings were the rock paintings of pre-historic times‚ the petroglyphs  found in places like Bhimbetka ‚ some of them from before 5500 BC. And also an imperative part of Indian art culture is dominated by sculptures in India. Indian sculptures started from bronze and other stones. Sculpture of India has its roots from the planet’s oldest

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  • History of Sculpture (Europe)

    History of Sculpture Prehistoric Periods Much surviving prehistoric art is small portable sculptures‚ with a small group of female Venus figurines such as the Venus of Willendorf (24‚000–22‚000 BC) found across central Europe;  the 30 cm tall Lion man of the Hohlenstein Stadel of about 30‚000 BCE has hardly any pieces that can be related to it. The Swimming Reindeer of about 11‚000 BCE is one of the finest of a number of Magdalenian carvings in bone or antler of animals in the art of the Upper

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  • Michelangelo's Sculpture "David"

    David "" Analysis and Structure It is obvious that Michelangelo was meticulous when creating this sculpture. His sculpture‚ David‚ must have been done after studying the human form a great deal. The lines he has used are very natural‚ and though his figure is rather chiseled‚ the lines seem very gentle. Michelangelo has paid special attention to shape. Every ligament‚ muscle and bone seems as though it is alive. I especially noticed the shape of the legs‚ the back of the knees particularly. The muscle

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