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considered as the key figures when discussing contesting perspectives on modern psychiatry. Similarities can be drawn between Szasz and Foucault in general terms, in that they both believed that psychiatry was a product of pseudo-science. Both have criticisms on the limitations of psychiatry. Thomas Szasz, a psychiatrist, academic and author, has been a foundational figure for those who are strongly opposed to modern psychiatry. His views and ideologies came into prominence in the spirit of the 1960s counter-cultural...

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Psychology vs. Psychiatry

Psychology vs. Psychiatry 1 Psychology vs. Psychiatry Rebecca Fargo English Composition 121 Linda O’Connor December 8, 2009 Psychology vs. Psychiatry 2 Psychology and Psychiatry are two areas that can be easily confused to the uneducated person. There is a main point that separates the two and that is the fact that Psychiatry is more along the medical field, being that Psychiatrists are able to prescribe medication. In the Psychology field, they are...

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Literature Review: Brief Therapy in Adult Psychiatry

Abstract This paper provides an overview of the study conducted by A.J Macdonald (1994) on Brief therapy in adult psychiatry. With thorough analysis, it expresses concerns about the structure and lack of focus in controlling the research. It outlines strengths and limitations within its core assumptions to the research model in the context of the findings and the outcome of the research. Through considering multiculturalism, family socioeconomic status and other extraneous variables, it will lead...

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Psychiatry and Deinstitutionalization

Deinstitutionalization Enjoli Mitchell Metropolitan Community College HMSV 2120 Social Services Policy Dr. Bob Dresser There is an agreement that about 2.8% of the US adult population suffers from severe mental illness. The most severely disabled have been forgotten not only by society, but by most mental health advocates, policy experts and care providers. Deinstitutionalization is the name given to the policy of moving severely mentally ill patients out of large state institutions and...

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Schizophrenia: Psychiatry and Treatment

Schizophrenia is a major mental illness which can be identified through signs and symptoms that can be categorized into positive and negative symptoms. This essay will identify what signs and symptoms go under each category and discuss in detail different care and pharmacological treatments available for people suffering from schizophrenia. Treatment and care requirements under the NSW Mental Health Act 2007 will also be discussed along with my own opinion on the Australian community’s attitudes...

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Apa Paper

patient and her doctor(s). This type of therapy has mixed results. According to an article in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (1999), individual therapy is superior when used in treating older adolescents and those who have late-onset AN (Robin et al.), and a 2003 publication in The American Journal of Psychiatry concurs with this finding (Pike, Walsh, Vitousek, Wilson and Bauer). However, both articles’ findings state that individual therapy is not the best treatment...

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Sizoid Personality

discovered. The first is a descriptive psychiatry descriptive psychiatry one which looks at obvious and describable parts in a person’s personality. Whereas the dynamic psychiatry is part of a personality that is not overt and is more mysterious, particularly because people with schizoid personality disorder are secretive, so they tend to hide things about themselves. In 1925 Ernst Kretschmer compiled a list of the characteristics of the descriptive psychiatry and divided them into 3 groups, which...

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Beauty Pageants

Should child beauty pageants be banned in the United States? What better “sport” for girls who are afraid to break a nail than Beauty Pageants? According to the “Journal of the American Academy of Child And Adolescent Psychiatry” in 2006, 40% of children who took part in beauty pageants have psychologic problems while the remaining 60% agree that they are unhappy during the pageant itself. With this statistic in mind do you believe that Child Beauty Pageants should be outlawed in the United...

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ideology: they "allude" to deeper causes by pointing to them through structural or other similarity, but they also hide these deeper causes (and hence are "illusions")”. (Ludwig, Arnold M. "Hysteria: a neurobiological theory." Archives of General Psychiatry 27.6 (1972): 771.). We tend to overstate the "symbolic" nature of the psyche, the allusion to general and universal meanings, whereas Freud always comprehended the results he obtained in the perspective of other results received from that same...

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Mental Health Nursing

patients for patient age 4 and older. I utilize evidence based practice (EBP) guidelines, but incorporate current standards of practice in psychiatry due to outdated research in the field of mental health (American Psychiatry Association, Clinical Practice Guidelines). I constantly struggle with the outdated EBP guidelines and lack of research in psychiatry in regards to management of medications for patients. This is especially a problem with children and under-served populations such as prisoners...

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