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Value of Art in Society

71-72). Public arts are not always perceived to be positive. There are many artistic pieces that have been shunned and looked down upon by the public. Many large sculptures have been negatively looked at by the public eye, such as Carl Andre's "Stone Field Sculpture," and Richard Serra's "Tilted Arc." When the "Stone Field Sculpture" was first put up there were protesters, and a lot people felt that it was a waste of their money and time. But after it was up, and people started to see it for what...

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Art Work Paintings

mind, and soul. I feel that we as people are a work of art because the way we dress and talk could be a form of art within a person, also just like the pieces of art work paintings and sculptures we as people are also hard to define. I’m not an artist and I never really knew why some paintings or sculptures ever got into some art museums. I’ve seen paintings that just looked like splashed paint on a canvas and I never really understood why they were considered a piece of art work, because I...

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Comparison of two Egyptian Sculpture Relief Depicting a Man Inspecting His Stables; Ships Unloading Merchandise and Relief Block, Plucking and Roasting Fowl, Herds Crossing Water

Comparison of two Egyptian Sculpture Relief Depicting a Man Inspecting His Stables; Ships Unloading Merchandise and Relief Block, Plucking and Roasting Fowl, Herds Crossing Water In Egyptian art, the greatest achievements are tomb reliefs, huge number of tomb reliefs shows the people who were rich enough at that period want to bring their rich and glory even after they dead. The Early royal reliefs are somewhat too idealism on the figures, their figures on the tomb reliefs are usually rough on...

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How to make a sandwich

relief ‐ the backgrounds are not cut back and the points in highest relief are level with the original surface of the material being carved low/bas relief ‐ they are shallow high relief ‐ the forms stand far out from the background. sculpture‐in‐the‐round – is sculpture you can go around. subtractive process – the act of removing. Carving ‐ The technique of cutting and abrading the surface of a block of material to shape it into a particular form. additive process ‐The process of producing colors...

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Bernini's David

Bernini’s took place in the Baroque era, a time characterized by dramatic movement and heavenly inspiration. David was depicted bent over in mid-action preparing to sling a stone giving the sense of climax. The implied diagonal lines of this marble sculpture further induce the feeling of movement; Bernini juxtaposes the concrete media of stone with the visual of an arching, flexing figure. The realism portrayed persuades the viewer that this is an average sized man that shouldn’t weigh more than one...

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Kouros Analysis

the calf would be identical. Another element viewed are lines. The outside lines in a statue have to be hard. A statue cannot have light lines. It is simply not possible. The inside of the statue, however, can contain a variety of lines. In this sculpture, the lines observed help define certain characteristics. The lines that make the kneecap are much deeper than the lines on the torso. You can clearly see the form of the kneecaps, implying that the sculptor had to create a deeper divot. The lines...

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Haremhab Compared to Queen Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut, Dynasty 18, ca. 1473-1458 B.C., assumed the titles and functions of king she was portrayed in royal male costumes. Such representations were more for a political statement, rather than a reflection of the way she actually looked. In this sculpture, she sits upon a throne and wears the royal kilt and the striped nemes (NEM-iss) headdress with the uraeus (cobra) and is bare chested like a man. However, she does not wear the royal beard, and the proportions of her body are delicate and feminine...

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Classification Essay

As I have studied at the Art Institute I have researched and discovered several different types of art and what they consists of. Installation art consists of 3D modeling or in other words sculptures of live images. Such as a statue, a building, a good example is a model of our solar system. Performance art is another type this consists of Theatrical plays and the. Painting was my favorite one to discover and research, because I did not realize there are as many ways to paint as there are. Like,...

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Art 101 Final Project

16, 2010 Benjamin Reine Ancient Greek art has contributed to our civilization sculptures and beautiful architectural buildings. The influence of these works of art can still be seen today in a modern society. Many of the pieces of artwork have been destroyed over the years, leaving only a few pieces intact. Listed are the surviving Greek sculptures that are famous to this date. Aphrodite de Milos (Venus De Milo) Alexander Antioch Between 130 and...

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Michelangelo's David

that run through rocks. If a vein was carved into, there was a good possibility the statue would crack, rendering it useless. It was much easier to determine faults in smaller stones than bigger ones, hence the use of smaller stones to make larger sculptures. Michelangelo’s David was an exception. It was estimated that the marble stone from which David was carved was 25 ft. tall. Michelangelo’s logic was simple; he claimed that, "In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before...

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