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Saint Peter

Advise Septimus’ son. 5. Peter advertised his bike for sale in the newspaper. John comes in and offers to buy it for an agreed price. John asks Peter if he can pay by cheque and Peter refuses. John pulls out an identification card showing the name of Mark Richards a well known collector of fine bikes. Peter smiles, shakes John’s hand and says, “so pleased to meet you Mr. Richards”. He then decides to accept the cheque. The cheque is dishonoured. Peter wants to claim his bike but does...

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Peter the Apostle Peter the apostle was born BC 15 or so. Peter the apostle has been said to look like a very weak man.  He was medium height, more so tall, and had very pale skin. Also, it has been said that Peter had a short, thick, curled beard, and very thin eyebrows, if not, no eyebrows at all. Another character trait of the Peter the apostle is that his eyes were almost all black, but had red marks due to weeping frequently. Peter the apostle, the most prominent of Jesus’ twelve disciples...

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St. Peter

Biography of Saint Peter After Jesus, Saint Peter is the most known and quoted Apostle in the New Testament. He is mentioned 154 times with the nickname "Petros," "stone", "rock", which is the Greek translation of the Aramaic name Jesus gave him directly, "Kefa". The name Simon is the Greek form adapted to his original Hebrew name, Simeon.  The call of Jesus  It took place on a day like any other day, while Peter was doing...

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My Life with the Saints

​​​​​ My Life with the Saints 1.) Father Martin affinity to St. Ignatius is not one necessarily out of profound affection but rather out of distinctness from the average person. It was his particular brand of spirituality that changed Father Martin’s perspective on the world.  St. Ignatius prolixity was not cosmic in nature by any means of cognition but was more compatible to aloof uncle who privately paid for your tuition bills...

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peter and paul

Nickesha Larmond Paul and Peter Background information about Paul Paul whose name was Saul was an early Christian missionary and theologian, known as the Apostle to the Gentiles was born a Jew in Tarsus, Rome. As a minor, he was trained as a rabbi but earned his living as a tentmaker. A zealous Pharisee, he persecuted the first Christians until a vision of Jesus, experienced while on the road to Damascus, converted him to Christianity. Three years later he met St. Peter and Jesus' brother James...

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Saint Paul and His Illness

Saint Paul is one of the most influential early Christian missionaries and leaders of the first generation of Christians. He was a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin and was born a Roman citizen, in Tarsus of Cilicia, with the Hebrew name Saul. Among the many other apostles and missionaries involved in the spread of the Christian faith, Paul is often considered to be one of the two most important people in the history of Christianity, and one of the greatest religious leaders of all time. In the New...

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Peter the Apostle

Apostle Peter It is said that the apostle Peter was a slender person of a middle size inclining to tallness and that his complexion was pale, almost white. It is also said that he had a short thick curled beard and thin eyebrows, or, no eyebrows at all. Peter's eyes were black, but, flecked with red due to frequent weeping. Born at Betsaida, in Galilee, to a fisherman by the name of Jona, Peter would eventually follow his father into this profession. Well one day he was standing by the shore...

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1st and 2nd Peter

1st and 2nd Peter The Christians around the time I Peter was written were undergoing some intense persecution. Socially they were shunned, abused, insulted and ridiculed, and Peter realized that the circumstances were getting worse. Nero was Emperor of Rome during the time I Peter was written. He oversaw the persecutions of Christians. Peter wrote this letter to offer encouragement to Christians suffering this persecution. (I Peter 2:18-20) As a result the church in Jerusalem was being scattered...

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An essay on saint john/don bosco

SAINT JOHN BOSCO 1851-1888 Saint John Bosco was born August 16th, 1815, while Europe, more precisely Italy, was in the making of a new Renaissance. When he was living, they were many orphaned and poor boys. Without the guidance that these young men needed, they often got in trouble with the law. John would have became this way if it weren't for her devoted mother. John was the youngest son of a peasant family. His father died when John was only two years old. As a youngster, he would preach...

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The Three Main Missionary Journeys of Saint Paul

The Three Main Missionary Journey's of Saint Paul The First Journey of St. Paul: Paul went on three main missionary journeys. The first missionary journey took place from 45-49 A.D. He traveled with Barnabus and a young boy named John Mark. John Mark did not stay with them for very long. He returned to his home in Jerusalem and left Paul and Barnabus without a helper. Paul and Barnabus were worshiping at the church at Antioch, Syria and the holy Spirit came forth and sent them on their journey...

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