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3. MONEY Money is everything that serves as universally excepted medium of exchange or means of payment. Functions of money: Medium of exchange – enables people to exchange goods and services for other commodities Store of value – at home money loses value because of inflation so it is better to deposit financial assets with a bank. Money can also be stored in other forms – securities (cenné papiry), shares, or bonds (dluhopisy, obligace). We can also invest in properties, lands, arts, jewelry...

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money management

Chapter 1: Introduction Background of the study Money, Its History and How It Evolved Ever since trading began, money existed, thus, it can be said that money and trading co-exists. The earliest form of money is actually very different from what we are using nowadays in this modern world. The history of money begins around 2500 years ago. Money is any clearly identifiable object of value that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts within a market or which...

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Human and Money

money cannot buy everything Do you think that money is the most important thing in the world? Can happiness really be bought by money? In a money-oriented city like Hong Kong, it is not strange that over a third of youth think that money can buy happiness. Yet, it is an irony that our pillars carry such a thought. In this essa Premium 982 Words 4 Pages The Theme of Money Is Not Everything in the Lorraine Hansberry, a Raisin in the Sun. The Theme of Money is not Everything in the...

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Wirking Money

When asked how money makes trade easier, to me I think, money, for the most part, does not change its denomination. The value of each bill is printing onto the face of it. When value is established up front, there is no need for guesswork or evaluation, an individual is automatically aware of the value of money. Trading is only simple, if one is not attempting to determine if the values of what they are trading are equal. For example, when you want to purchase a car, and want to make a trade with...

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collocations with money

6) Borrow 7) Waste 8) Owe 9) Lend a) to have enough money to buy something you want b) use money on something you don’t need c) give somebody money that they must return d) get money from somebody that you must return e) keep money for future use f) give money to somebody who you borrowed from g) give/pay money for something h) get money by working i) to need to return money to someone because they have lent money to you Answers: word: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 meaning: H ...

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Money Motivation

Name: College: Course: Tutor: Date: Money is an effective motivator at work. Money has always been used as a motivator in substantially many areas of life. It is, in fact, the most popular incentive that employers use to encourage and enhance performance of their workers. Yet the question of whether money is an effective motivator at work still rises. Speaking of “motivation” this work discusses the interests, needs and personal willingness of workers to make...

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plastic money

Definition: Plastic money is a term that is used predominantly in reference to the hard plastic cards we use every day in place of actual bank notes. They can come in many different forms such as cash cards, credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid cash cards and store cards. Introduction: A slang phrase for credit cards, especially when such cards used to make purchases. The "plastic" portion of this term refers to the plastic construction of credit cards, as opposed to paper and metal of...

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Money in Marriage

Money is a vital component for a sustainable and harmony life. Knowing the main function of money in marriage is important for a successful marriage. According to (Loh,2012) a research by Smart Money magazine, cited by shows that 70% of spouses surveyed discuss about money no less than one weekly while 36% of men and 40% of women confess that they lied to their couple about their spending. Many couples do not aware about the importance of money. The ability to pay household and utility bills, the...

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Plastic Money

WHAT IS PLASTIC MONEY? •Plastic money are the alternative to the cash or the standard ‘Money'. •Plastic money is the generic term for all types of bank cards, credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, etc. DEFINITION The :plastic” portion of this term refers to the plastic construction of credit cards, as opposed to paper and metal of currency. The money portion is an erroneous reference to credit cards as a form of money, which they are not. Although credit cards do facilitate transactions...

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Money as an motivator

knows, but there are many theories, each of which has some relevance in some situations. Based on the case above, we can define that money is a motivator to not only go above and beyond, but maintain an increased level of productivity. Therefore, in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness of work done, managers need to know how to motivate employees by using money. Naturally, managers are not interested in every attitude an employee might hold. However, according to some experts, organizational...

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